Free Fire leaks: September 2021 event calendar and free rewards revealed

Knight Clown has leaked the event calendar for the upcoming events (Image via Free Fire)
Knight Clown has leaked the event calendar for the upcoming events (Image via Free Fire)
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There are numerous exclusive and enticing in-game cosmetics available in Free Fire, which users can obtain via various methods. Events have emerged as among the best options to get such items at no cost.

Periodically, the developers introduce new events, and presently the ones related to the 4th anniversary are going on. In a recent development, Knight Clown, a prominent data miner, has leaked the upcoming events that are supposed to take place in September.

Free Fire September 2021 event calendar leaked

These events are likely to be added to Free Fire as part of the introduction of Moco’s Awakened version. The abilities of the same were earlier spotted by the players in the OB29 Advance Server.

Here’s the leaked calendar posted on Knight Clown’s official Instagram handle:

  • The Puzzle (6 September - 12 September)
  • Free Moco’s Swing (6 September - 13 September)
  • Daily Login (10 September - 26 September)
  • Coder’s Crib (10 September - 26 September)
  • Moco’s Pan Login (12 September - 23 September)
  • Moco’s Challenge (12 September - 21 September)
  • Moco Jump (15 September - 26 September)
  • 18 Sep Login (18 September)
  • Playtime On 18 Sep (18 September)
  • Aftermatch Drop (10 September - 26 September)
  • Peak Day Double Drop (18 September)
  • Play Stronghold Mode (18 September - 22 September)

Players will be able to earn a variety of rewards due to participating in each of the events. They can find things such as a pan skin, a vehicle skin, and other items by looking at the leaked calendar itself.

Moco and Awakened version


Moco’s ability: Hacker’s Eye

Moco’s ability in Free Fire tags the enemy for a specific duration after the user shoots them. Another benefit of this skill is that the location of the tagged enemy is also shown to the teammates.

Awakened Moco’s ability: Engima’s Eye

As mentioned above, Awakened Moco was present in the Free Fire OB29 Advance Server. If users had this ability equipped, markings on hit enemies lasted longer by two seconds if they moved.

Note: The ability of Awakened Moco is subject to change, and this is just the one present in the Advance Server.

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