Free Fire: Gyan Gaming Exclusive Interview ft. best friend, school life, turning point & lots more

Gyan Gaming aka Sujan Mistri
Gyan Gaming aka Sujan Mistri

Gyan Gaming, aka Sujan Mistri, is one of the biggest gaming content creators in India, with Freefire his primary game. He is a YouTuber with more than 4 million subscribers on his channel, and with an added 500k followers on his Instagram handle.

The 28-year-old from Kolkata shares his personal and professional life with Sportskeeda.

Freefire: Gyan Gaming Exclusive Interview ft. Best friend, School life, Turning point & lots more

Q. How has been the quarantine period for you so far?

A. Each day in a Gamer's life can be called 'quarantine', as our daily schedule is to eat, sleep, and stream. So basically, I am the least affected person by the pandemic. But, I would like to make a kind request to my viewers - both lovers and haters, to please be aware at this tough time, and take care.

Q. What is the reason behind the name ”Gyan Gaming”?

A. At first I had " Gyan A2Z" as my channel name, with the idea of uploading all types of content - tech related, gaming and vlogging too. But after a few months, I tried playing Freefire, and I loved it a lot. Thus, I decided to focus on gaming through my channel, and that's why I changed it to "Gyan Gaming".

Q. How was support from your family when you initially started gaming?

A. My family had an extremly crucial role in this gaming venture of mine, and it couldn't have been possible without their support. My dad had got me a PC when I was just 10-years-old, on which I used to play all the trending games of that time.

When I initially started YouTube, the number of views I got used to be very low. At that time, my family used to encourage me to focus on streaming, without thinking about the numbers.

Q. What did you do in your school days?

A. I never used to pay attention in class, and was an average student in my school life. Even there, I used to focus on playing games. Football was my favorite sport back then.

Q. What was the turning point of your career?

A. Garena has played a great role in my journey. I remember, when the concept of custom rooms was introduced to Freefire, I was the first YouTuber who was provided with custom rooms to play with my subscribers. Thanks to Garena for giving me what was a much-needed boost to my channel at the initial stage.

Q. Any tip that you would like to give to the underdogs who want to enter the competitive scene?

A. I believe that no team is an underdog, because every team that participates in a tournament plays to win. But, the ones who trust themselves are the ultimate winners. That spirit and eagerness is what makes people win tournaments.

Q. Who is your best friend in the Freefire Community & Why?

A. My best friend in the Free Fire community is SniperLord (Amit Kumar), as I trust him the most. There have been many people who have played with me to grow their channel, or just for their selfish purposes, but I know that SniperLord will never do anything like that.

Q. Who is your Your best friend in Real life?

A. My best friend in real life is Sagar Sarkar.

Q. Share your best Free Fire Moment of all time.

A. My best moment in Free Fire was when 21 players came to meet me in a ranked game. It was one of my most memorable moments.

Q. What is your favorite stream moment?

A. My best stream moment was when I hit 100k subscribers on my channel, and got the silver Play button from Youtube. Infact, reaching 1 million subscribers didn't make me as happy as 100k did. It was an overwhelming moment for me.

Q. What question do fans ask you the most & what is its answer?

A. My fans have recently been asking me a lot about how to become a successful Youtuber like me. My reply to it has always been to never focus on the numbers i.e. likes and subscribers. Just keep posting good content, as the same has happened to me. But, I didn't stop, and rather, I used to livestream day and night. I now stand in front of you as an example.

Q. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

A. In the next five years, I want to be the face of the Indian Free Fire community, and also the Indian gaming community as a whole.

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