New Midnight Mafia Weapon Royale gun skin in Free Fire: All you need to know

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda

Free Fire regularly brings in lots of updates and events exclusively in the game, which offers exciting rewards like fashion items, cosmetic items, weapon skins, car skins, and more.

Free Fire has introduced a new Weapon Royale gun skin called the M79 Midnight Mafia skin. The event will continue for another 15 days from today.

Players can obtain the skin by spinning the Weapon Royale draw where other various skins are also present.

This article describes all that players need to know about the new Midnight Mafia skin in Free Fire.

Free Fire Weapon Royale gun skin Midnight Mafia: How to get it?

A new skin called the Midnight Mafia Flaming Temper skin for the M79 Grenade Launcher has been added to the game's Weapon Royale section. Players need to have sufficient diamonds to spin the Weapon Royale.

The new skin also have some great attributes:

  • It increases and doubles the damage of the M79 grenade launcher.
  • It also increases the mag capacity of the launcher.
  • However, it also decreases the speed and mobility of the launcher.

Note: The M79 Midnight Mafia skin is not a guaranteed prize and may take several spins to get it.


Here are the steps that players can follow to get the Midnight Mafia M79 skin from Weapon Royale:

Step 1: Run Free Fire and head to the Luck Royale section present at the left-hand side corner of the main menu,

Step 2: Tap on the Weapon Royale section present at the list's left-hand side tab.

Step 3: Two options will be shown at the bottom of the lucky draw-spin. 1 spin cost 40 diamonds and 11 spins cost 400 diamonds.

Tap on the 'Weapon Royale' tab and select the spin number at the bottom
Tap on the 'Weapon Royale' tab and select the spin number at the bottom

Step 4: Tap on either of the options to draw the spin.

Step 5: After confirmation, prizes will be drawn, and eventually players can obtain the Midnight Mafia M79 skin from the draw.

This is a time-limited offer player has another 15 days to grab the skin from the Weapon Royale section of Free Fire.

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