PUBG Mobile: Who is 8bit Goldy?

Lokesh "Goldy" Jain
Lokesh "Goldy" Jain

Ever since I entered the eSports industry, people have had various questions about who I am, about who Goldy is. Some people couldn't stop talking about my life inside and outside the game.

After becoming the proud owner of 8bit, with Thug as my partner, the questions increased, and the number of people following me also doubled. And today, I want to answer all the questions that have been asked.

So here goes!

Q: Who is Goldy?

A: I am an entrepreneur hailing from a business family in Delhi. I entered the eSports industry about one year ago by partnering with one of the most esteemed organizations in the Indian eSports scene,

Q: How did Goldy gain interest in gaming?

A: I was a casual gamer since childhood and used to play for fun. I started playing video games, Nintendo and then PlayStation. One fine day, while travelling in Vietnam, a fellow traveller introduced me to PUBG Mobile, and I got addicted to it. As a passionate person, I wanted to make the best out of the game by giving it my time and energy.

Q: What does Goldy do apart from the gaming?

A: Apart from the gaming industry, I am also into my family business of manufacturing and export.

Q: What social media handles does Goldy have?

A: I am on Instagram @8bit_goldy and twitter

Q: What is the real name of Goldy?

A: My real name is Lokesh Jain.

Q: Where is Goldy from?

A: I am from Delhi.

Q: What did Goldy do during his school days?

A: During my school days, I was a spoiled kid and used to be that naughty, fun-loving, and happening student in my batch.

Q: Has Goldy given any competitive exam?

A: No, I was not interested much in studies, to be honest. But I knew education was important, so I did that for myself.

Q: Where did Goldy go to college?

A: I went to the University of Hong Kong for my business studies.

Q: Who is your favourite player playing under your organisation?

A: Every player who plays under my organisation is my favourite. They all are giving their best to bring 8bit to the top.

Q: What do Goldy's parents think about his activities in gaming?

A: My parents have never interfered in any business or startup that I established, rather, my dad has always been supportive. Hence, they don't keep a close eye on my activities in gaming but know about me being some small figure in the gaming scene.

Q: Who are Goldy's favourite players of all time?

A: My favourite players of all time are Mortal, Scout, Regaltos, Clutchgod, Viper, and Mavi.


Q: Which city does Goldy currently stay in?

A: I stay in Delhi currently.

Q: Does Goldy like other sports apart from eSports?

A: Yes, I love swimming, billiards, and car racing.

Q: What is Goldy's personal favourite moment in PUBG Mobile?

A: My favourite PUBG Mobile moment was when Thug's team (8bit) took Chicken Dinner in PMSC Thailand. It was the first-ever international event for PUBG Mobile.

Q: What is Goldy's PUBG ID?

A: My PUBG id is 8bitGoldy, Character Id - 5129256692.

In-Game ID
In-Game ID

Q: Where can I buy S8UL merchandise?

A: S8UL merchandise is not currently available, but we are working on it and will try to roll it out by the end of 2020.

Q: Where does Goldy see himself in five years?

A: I see myself as a self-made entrepreneur with the biggest eSports company in India and one who will be living his life without giving any second thoughts. But not with my family's money!

Q: What question do fans ask you the most, and what is the answer?

A: The question that fans ask me the most is how they can join S8UL, and my never-changing answer is- through hard work.

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