Sudip Sarkar's Free Fire ID, stats, K/D ratio and more

Sudip Sarkar's Free Fire ID
Sudip Sarkar's Free Fire ID

The growth and popularity of Free Fire have facilitated the emergence of a multitude of content creators. The battle royale sensation is immensely popular and enjoys a massive audience on platforms like YouTube.

Sudip Sarkar is one of the most popular Free Fire content creators from India. In this article, we talk about his Free Fire ID, stats, K/D ratio and more.

Sudip Sarkar’s Free Fire ID

Sudip Sarkar’s Free Fire ID is 97653930 and his IGN is SUDIP SARKAR.

Sudip Sarkar’s Stats

Lifetime Stats

Lifetime Stats
Lifetime Stats

Sudip Sarkar has over 26750 matches in the squad mode, with 100,000 kills to his name. He has 8298 wins, with a fantastic win-rate of 31.02%. He also has an impressive K/D ratio of 5.47.

He has played relatively fewer solo and duo matches when compared to the squad matches. He has emerged victorious on 147 games in the 1173 duo matches he has played. He has also notched 110 victories in the solo mode.

Ranked Stats

Ranked stats
Ranked stats

Sudip Sarkar has played a handful of solo and duo matches in the ongoing season. He has close to 975 squad matches to his name, winning 152 out of them with a splendid K/D ratio of 4.20.

In the present season, he is in the Diamond 4 tier. He has so far played 16 Clash Squad matches, winning 11 games, with a very impressive win-rate of 68.75%.

His YouTube channel

Sudip Sarkar started making content on YouTube over a year ago. The first video on his channel was posted in July 2019. His channel currently has over 462,000 subscribers, with over 19 million views combined. You can click here to visit his YouTube channel.

He also has a second channel called ‘SUDIP SARKAR OFFICIAL’, where he posts Free Fire montages and videos.

(Note: All the stats used in this article have been recorded at the time of writing. These stats might change as the players continue to their journey in the game.)

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