Top 3 Garena Free Fire characters with the best abilities (and 3 that are not as great)

What are the best and the worst characters in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)
What are the best and the worst characters in Free Fire (Image via Sportskeeda)

Garena offers a wide range of character abilities in its popular battle royale shooter, Free Fire. Players get over 40 options in the store across two categories of abilities -- active and passive. These characters aren't essential for newbies, but the importance of abilities enhances as the rank increases.

There are characters like Alok, Captain Booyah, Chrono, Wukong, and more, among the most popular options among fans. On the other hand, some abilities are not as famous due to their capabilities. Hence, players, especially beginners, should make the purchase wisely.

The following section will list the top three characters with the best abilities while also ranking the three that are not as great in Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire: The three characters that are not so great

3) Misha


Ability: Afterburner (Passive)

Misha's ability is not impressive as it is effective only during driving. Players get an increase in their driving speed by 5%, and shooting at the character becomes harder.

The damage taken by the character while being in a vehicle also decreases by 5%. However, this ability is quite underwhelming as players have low chances of succeeding while equipping "Afterburner."

2) Wolfrahh


Ability: Limelight (Passive)

The capabilities of Wolfrahh are more bizarre than helpful, as his "Limelight" ability only works when an observer connects to watch him, or a kill happens. Each additional observer or kill will decrease the damage taken by headshots.

The decrease in damage taken from headshot is 3%, it further minimizes to 25% due to observers and kills, while damage to the enemy's limbs enhances by 3% and can be maximized to 15%.

1) Kla


Ability: Muay Thai (Passive)

Kla is the best character for the Free Fire factory challenge, as players often use fists instead of weapons. However, this is not the case with regular matches, as there are hardly any moments when users employ fists instead of firearms.

Hence, there is no benefit in choosing Kla's "Muay Thai" as it only boosts fist damage.

The best characters in Garena Free Fire right now

3) Alok


Ability: Drop the Beat (Active)

Alok is one of the most famous Free Fire characters and boasts a cult-like fan-following. Players can use his capabilities while attacking the opponents as his "Drop the Beat" ability provides a movement speed buff by 10% with the creation of a five-meter aura.

The famous character also has a decent cooldown of 45 seconds. Alok also has healing effects as players can continuously recover at a five HP/second rate during the ability's activation period.

2) Skyler

Ability: Riptide Rhythm (Active)

Skyler is one such character that suits players with a balanced playstyle, which is neither too aggressive nor too defensive. After the latest OB32 update, his ability received an adjustment, and users can hold the ability button to aim at enemy gloo walls.


Once the aim is set, players can unleash the sonic wave (cool down - 60 seconds) to destroy as many as five gloo walls within a 50m range. The ability also allows users to recover HP every time players deploy a gloo wall, starting from four points.

1) K


Ability: Master of All (Active)

K is arguably the best Free fire character right now as he is pretty helpful for both players and their allies during different situations. One can use K while rushing as well as escaping. The reason is the extra max EP of 50 points and two different modes (mode switch cooldown of three seconds) - Jiu-jitsu and Psychology.

  1. Jiu-jitsu mode: It provides assistance to allies by boosting up their conversion rate by six times. (Allies need to be within a six-meter radius of K)
  2. Psychology mode: Players will encounter a continuous increase in the EP bar. (2.2 EP recovery every three seconds)

Note: This article only reflects the writer's opinions. The abilities listed are at the base level of each character, and players can use memory fragments to make them more powerful.

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