Top 5 things to avoid while playing ranked matches in Free Fire

There are many tips that players can use to get better at ranked matches in Garena Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)
There are many tips that players can use to get better at ranked matches in Garena Free Fire (Image via Garena Free Fire)

Ranked matches in Free Fire are challenging, as players slug it out in an attempt to get points and strive towards a Booyah. Given the numerous factors at play, beginners may find it difficult to compete in ranked lobbies.

Nonetheless, there are a few simple strategies that players can employ in order to get better during ranked games. With that being said, here are the top five things players should avoid while playing ranked matches in Free Fire.

Top 5 things players should not do while playing ranked Free Fire matches

5) Avoid chasing opponents

Unlike normal Free Fire matches, chasing an opponent in a ranked match is not a smart idea. Opponents will willingly let players chase them and outsmart them, resulting in an elimination.

In addition to being outplayed, players may end up getting third-partied by other players lurking around the area, or those who have heard the gunshots.

Suffice to say, in a ranked match, it's best to let the opponent escape if the chance of getting an elimination is low.


4) Avoid attacking campers

Campers in a normal Free Fire match can usually be easily rushed or overwhelmed. However, in ranked matches, campers are far more likely to get a takedown than be taken down.

Unlike their counterparts in un-ranked matches, campers in ranked matches know exactly what they are doing and have planned carefully before getting into position.

Players should only rush at campers in ranked matches if they are confident of securing an elimination or have no other options left.


3) Don't rush

Ranked matches should be planned out, and players should execute each move with careful precision. Unlike normal matches, ranked lobbies are usually filled with expert marksmen and veteran players.

Rushing during a ranked match is a bad idea. Players should play slowly and cautiously rather than run and gun in the open, as it can lead to a quick sniper elimination.


2) Don't rely on guns alone

Using tactical items in Free Fire, such as smoke grenades, decoy grenades, and gloo walls, will provide players with an edge in combat. In ranked matches, simply shooting at an opponent will not guarantee a takedown. More advanced tactics need to be employed in order to be successful.

While players with good aim can rely on just weapons to get kills, smart players will use all available tactical items to make the job easier and avoid getting shot at in the process.


1) Avoid using random weapons

During a ranked Free Fire match, it is advisable that players use weapons they are good with. Using random weapons for fun or to show off can lead to quick elimination.

Unlike casual lobbies, opponents in rank stick to their best weapons, enabling them to shoot with high accuracy. Likewise, players should also master a few weapons in-game, which will suit their playing style and allow them to secure a Booyah.


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