Top 5 underrated Free Fire characters for Factory Challenge

Most underrated characters in Free Fire for Factory Challenge (Image via Garena)
Most underrated characters in Free Fire for Factory Challenge (Image via Garena)

The Factory Roof Challenge is not an original game mode of Garena Free Fire but instead shot to fame due to its use by YouTube content creators. It is a custom room challenge that features the famous "Factory" location of Free Fire's Bermuda, where everyone drops.

Fights in Factory Challenge are fought melee, with fists, meaning the use of any firearm is barred. Therefore, many characters with weapon-related abilities become useless in the popular challenge. On the other hand, characters like Kla become the crucial ones.

Players can benefit from characters like Kla and DJ Alok, who are among the highly-rated ones. However, some underrated characters don't get enough credit in the Factory Roof Challenge.

These five characters deserve more attention in Free Fire's Factory Challenge

5) Kelly

Kelly - Dash (Image via Free Fire)
Kelly - Dash (Image via Free Fire)

A character's sprinting is tactically crucial in a Factory Challenge match and players always require more speed than the default. The rapid speed of one's character helps in defending as well as attacking.

Kelly is one such character who buffs sprinting speed. Her passive ability, Dash, enhances the speed by 1%. Although the increase in speed is not so monumental, it can still prove to be helpful in closer games.

The increase in sprinting speed can be maximized through level-ups using memory fragments.

4) Joseph

Joseph - Nutty Movement (Image via Free Fire)
Joseph - Nutty Movement (Image via Free Fire)

Most players understand the importance of movement skills in Free Fire, so they grind hard in the game to master the movement and controls. Similarly, speed of movement is equally crucial as the skill of movement.

Joseph's Nutty Movement helps in increasing the moving and sprinting speed of players. Both speeds increase by 10% whenever the character takes damage from the foes.

Nutty movement is pretty beneficial while rushing or evading the enemies whenever gamers take part in Factory Challenge. At the sixth level, Joseph's speed increases by 20%.

3) Miguel

Miguel - Crazy Slayer (Image via Free Fire)
Miguel - Crazy Slayer (Image via Free Fire)

Miguel's passive ability is known as Crazy Slayer, grants a 30 EP gain, and to avail, the same players have to get a kill first. This recovered EP further decomposes into HP at a rate of one per second.

Therefore, Crazy Slayer is beneficial in the Factory Challenge as players gain health that users can further maximize to 80 EP. However, the activation of the Crazy Slayer requires kills.

2) K

K - Master of All (Image via Free Fire)
K - Master of All (Image via Free Fire)

K is among the best characters in Free Fire and has an active ability. His ability Master of All helps in an increase in Max EP of the character by 50. In addition to that, two different modes assist with the heath gain of the players.

The Jiu-jitsu mode of Master of All enhances the EP conversion rate of allies by five times, provided they are present within a six-meter radius. Psychology mode, on the other hand, recovers two EP recovery every three seconds.

1) Dimitri

Dimitri - Healing Heartbeat (image via Free Fire)
Dimitri - Healing Heartbeat (image via Free Fire)

Dimitri's Healing Heartbeat is an active ability that players can use to recover some HP. His ability creates a healing zone with a 3.5-meter radius that allows players to heal at the rate of three HP per second.

Additionally, Allies can also use the healing zone and recover themselves and the Healing Heartbeat also allows players to self recover themselves from a knocked-out state.

Therefore, Dimitri's ability to last around 10 seconds with an 85-second CD is a decent choice for Factory Challenge.

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