Top 5 weapons with highest damage in Garena Free Fire

Firearms that have the most damage in Garena Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)
Firearms that have the most damage in Garena Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)
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Players in Free Fire have access to a vast array of weaponry that they may employ on the battlefield to decimate their foes. These are further divided into various categories such as SMGs, ARs, Sniper Rifles and more. Each gun serves a distinct purpose and has its utility while engaging in fights against enemies.

However, many players seek out the weapons that inflict the most damage that they can utilize to take down their adversaries. Here are the top guns with the highest damage stats in Garena Free Fire.

Note: The list below is based on gun damage and is not an overall comparison between the guns.

List of 5 best guns with the most damage in Garena Free Fire

5) M82B


Damage: 90

M82B is one of the most used snipers present in the game. Players can knock out their foes with a single headshot or two body shots. It also has the unique ability to penetrate through the ice wall. The only attachment that can be equipped on the M82B is the Silencer.

4) AWM


Damage: 90

AWM takes the next spot on this list and is another sniper. It can deal hefty blows when placed in the right hands, and as a result, experienced players extensively use this weapon on the battlefield.

The AWM comes with an 8x scope, and players can further attach the Silencer, Muzzle, Foregrip and Magazine attachments.

3) M1014


Damage: 94

The M1014 is an excellent shotgun that can be lethal in close-range combat. However, it has the lowest range compared to all the other guns of its category. Its high damage stat can immensely aid users in taking down enemies quickly.

2) SPAS12


Damage: 97

SPAS12 has a brilliant damage stat of 97 in Free Fire, the second-most in the entire game. The Magazine and Stock attachments can be equipped to enhance its performance further. This weapon only fires one shot at a time, which makes it an extremely high-risk weapon. However, if the user fails to land the shot, they are probably going to end up dying.

1) M1887


Damage: 100

The M1887 tops this list and has the greatest damage in Garena Free Fire with a damage stat of 100. The only downside to using this shotgun is its magazine size of 2. Hence, if users miss their shots while engaging in close-range fights, they might end up in deep trouble.

Nevertheless, if players land their shots, they can knock foes with relative ease.

Disclaimer: Other than the M82B and AWM, several other guns in the game have a damage stat of 90.

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