Where to find AWM in Free Fire?

AWM sniper rifle in Free Fire (Image Credits: MD COMEDY GAMING YT)
AWM sniper rifle in Free Fire (Image Credits: MD COMEDY GAMING YT)
Rohit Singh Jaswal

Free Fire is one of the most downloaded battle royale games across the globe. It has garnered massive popularity due to its great content.

The game is capable of running smoothly on smartphones with low-end specifications. It offers HD-quality graphics, which doesn't require any high specifications like 4GB RAM or a good CPU and GPU on a smartphone.

Sniper rifles are the most lethal weapons in battle royale games, and it goes the same for Free Fire. The AWM is one of the most savage guns in the game, and players love to use them to wipe out entire enemy teams in long-range and mid-range battles. The player needs to master the headshot accuracy.

In this article, we show you where to find the AWM sniper rifle in Free Fire.

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Where to find AWM in Garena Free Fire?

Image Credits: Jaum Gammer YT
Image Credits: Jaum Gammer YT

The AWM is one of the rarest weapons available in the game. A player can equip it by looting an airdrop in the title. The airdrops can be found spawned at random places at the zone edges.

The weapon uses a special kind of Sniper ammo, which is again very rare. So a player should be very careful while using the gun, and not waste much of its bullets.

The other way to acquire the AWM sniper rifle is by killing the opponent who has already looted an airdrop and equipped the AWM. The AWM is capable of knocking down or killing enemy players with a single shot.

If a player cannot find AWM and loves to snipe, he/she can use other sniper rifles in the game, which include VSS and Kar98k. Both these sniper rifles are also capable of killing rival players at a quick pace.

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