Today’s Wordle Hints, Clues And Answer For July 22, 2024 - NYT Wordle #1129

Check out hints, solutions, interesting facts on today's wordle #1129 for July 22 and even previous dates' wordle answers

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Wordle #1129 Answer (July 22, 2024): Wordle presents a new set of word puzzles daily, challenging players to guess a five-letter word in six attempts. It is a fantastic game to showcase your vocabulary, but it can often be quite challenging.

Finding the daily Wordle solution isn't always simple. It becomes even more challenging for those aiming to solve the puzzle with fewer guesses. If you are struggling with today's Wordle and looking for additional help or even the solution, you are in the right place.

We will provide all the necessary hints and clues before revealing the word, so you can try to solve it yourself. We will also analyze today's Wordle difficulty and share some interesting facts about the word. Let's dive into solving today's Wordle #1129 (July 22, 2024) with a little help from us.

Read on for useful tips and tricks for your next Wordle attempts and discover some interesting Wordle alternatives.

Today's Wordle Hints

Today's Wordle answer is just below. But first, here are three hints to help you get there without spoiling the fun. No need to feel guilty about maintaining your streak—you've earned it! Or simply scroll down to see the answer.

Wordle Hint 1: How many vowels are present in today's word?

  • Today's word has 2 vowels.

Wordle Hint 2: How many double letters are there in today's word?

  • There are no repeated letters.

Wordle Hint 3: What does today's word mean?

  • Today's word means "A student at a military school who is training to be an officer..".

Wordle Hint 4: What is today's wordle starting or ending letter?

If you still didn't get it, you can check today's starting or ending letter. Simply click the box of the letter you wish to reveal below:

Today's Wordle Answer

Last warning for spoilers! The Wordle answer for today is just one scroll away.


Today's Wordle answer for July 22, 2024 is


If you got it right, congratulations! If not, don't worry—there's always tomorrow's puzzle to tackle.

Today's Wordle Difficulty

How did you fare amongst with other players?

According to Wordlebot, the average number of guesses taken to get to today's answer in normal mode is 3.5. Around 53.4% of players solved the answer in 3 or fewer turns.

The average luck score of all players for today's word is 66.6. Higher the number (upto 99), higher the possibility of players eliminating possible solutions with every guess.

The average skill score of all players for today's word is 82.3. Higher the number (upto 99), higher the efficiency of player guesses based on all possible solutions.

Interesting Facts About Today's Word

Here are some interesting facts about today's wordle answer - "CADET":

  • The word "cadet" originally referred to a young trainee in the military or naval academy.
  • Today, "cadet" is also used to describe any student or trainee, especially in the context of a leadership or military training program.
  • The word "cadet" has its origins in the French word "cadet," which means youngest or youngest child, reflecting the junior status of these trainees.

Yesterday's Wordle Answer

Did you miss yesterday's Wordle #1128? Or playing from a different timezone? No worries, we've got you covered!

The wordle answer for July 21, 2024 was


According to Wordlebot, the average number of guesses to get yesterday's answer in normal mode is 3.6. Around 47.3% of players solved the answer in 3 or fewer turns.

Previous Wordle Answers

Looking for previous wordle answers? Here is a complete list of wordle answers from last 15 days:

  • Wordle #1128, July 21, 2024: SPECK
  • Wordle #1127, July 20, 2024: SHAFT
  • Wordle #1126, July 19, 2024: REFER
  • Wordle #1125, July 18, 2024: NERDY
  • Wordle #1124, July 17, 2024: QUITE
  • Wordle #1123, July 16, 2024: DECOY
  • Wordle #1122, July 15, 2024: SWOON
  • Wordle #1121, July 14, 2024: VIDEO
  • Wordle #1120, July 13, 2024: ENACT
  • Wordle #1119, July 12, 2024: JIFFY
  • Wordle #1118, July 11, 2024: CAMEO
  • Wordle #1117, July 10, 2024: GAUNT
  • Wordle #1116, July 09, 2024: BLARE
  • Wordle #1115, July 08, 2024: SHAPE
  • Wordle #1114, July 07, 2024: CANON

Mastering Wordle: Top Tips for Success

If you have played Wordle once, then you would be hooked to the game and would keep returning for each day's word puzzle. But with each attempt, you would like to win the game in as few tries as possible. We have come up with some tips that would help you win at Wordle:

  1. Go vowel-heavy: Almost evert five-letter word in a Wordle has a vowel, so it's wise to go for a vowel-heavy word for your first guess. Some of the common vowel-heavy words you can try are Adieu, Saute, Radio, and Audio.
  2. The most common letters: Among the 26 letters in the alphabet, some common ones appear on the Wordle puzzle every day. A, E, I, L, N, O, R, S, and T are some of the most common letters in Wordle.
  3. Don't use old answers: To win Wordle with fewer guesses, try avoiding answers from past puzzles. Wordle would never repeat an answer unless the English dictionary runs out of five-letter words. So, you can always look up to the archive for all past Wordle answers.
  4. Practice is the key: No matter the game, one can excel at it with enough practice. Players can visit Wordle alternatives to practice. So, they could solve today's Wordle with ease.

Facts About Wordle

What is Wordle and why does everyone like it? Wordle is a word puzzle game developed by the Welsh software engineer Josh Wardle to play with his partner. However, he made the game public in 2021 and within a couple of years, it has taken over the world. Many like to begin their day by solving the daily word puzzle.

It isn't a very hard-to-understand game, as all you need to do is guess a five-letter word within six guesses. But how would one understand whether their guesses are correct? There is nothing to worry about since the game provides the following hints.

  • When players enter their guess the color of the letter's box changes to green, which hints that the letter is in the answer and at that position.
  • When the player's guess results in the letter's box changing color to yellow, it means the letter is in the answer but the position is wrong.
  • When the word player guesses causes the letter's box to change color to grey, it signifies the letter isn't in the answer.

Now where can you play Wordle? This game can be played on any device with a browser and active internet. Players simply need to head over to The New York Times' game section to play the game. Moreover, there is no requirement for players to rake in the newspaper subscription to play this daily word puzzle game.

Wordle Clones

Due to the rising popularity of Wordle, there are many clones and variations of the game available. There are also similar word puzzle games for other languages. Players often play these clones to practice and improve their Wordle skills.

Aside from clones and variations, there are also similar puzzle games for players to enjoy like Connection, Strands, Spelling Bee, or Word Scrambler. If words are not your thing but numbers are, there are also puzzle games like Sudoku for you.

Wordle Alternatives

As we mentioned there are some great Wordle alternatives available out there. We have listed a few below:

  • Weeldle: While Wordle can only be played once a day, there is an alternate game that can be played multiple times and it’s called Weeldle. This game has all the features of the original Wordle like guessing a five-letter word in six guesses, and also provides hints.
  • Dordle: Dordle is a harder form of Wordle released in 2022, where you would have to find two five-letter words within seven guesses instead of the standard six.
  • Quordle: If two guesses are also less, then Quordle requires players to find four words within nine guesses. This game was developed by Freddie Meyer in 2022 before being acquired by Merriam-Webster.
  • Octordle: It is a word puzzle game like Wordle by COLORFUL. In this game, you would have to find eight words from 13 guesses, unlike five words in six guesses in Wordle.
  • Waffle: It is a word puzzle game but unlike Wordle or Dordle, it isn’t only a five-letter puzzle as there are three options: three-letter, five-letter, and seven-letter. Moreover, the number of guesses could be 7, 15, or 25, depending on which puzzle you choose.
  • Absurdle: This is also a Wordle clone where you need to guess a five-letter word. However, the solution will change after every attempt. This might make the game seem impossible to win, so there are unlimited guesses.
  • Squabble: This is a unique fusion of Wordle with Battle Royale. It is also a five-letter word puzzle that you must solve within six tries. However, you would be simultaneously competing against multiple players. You would be consecutively solving Wordle puzzles, but you have a health bar to monitor. Solving a Wordle would restore health while losing will subtract it. Eventually, the last player standing would be the winner of the Squabble match.
  • Antiwordle: Antiwordle is a word puzzle like Wordle, but you would have to avoid guessing the right answer. You would have to guess the solution in as many guesses as possible.
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