NYT Connections Hints: Today's Clues and answers

How to use our Connections Solver to get NYT Connections Hints?

Wordle, which marked its 1,000th puzzle in March, may be the headline-grabbing sensation of The New York Times online game collection, but Connections, launched last June, is the unexpected favorite. Unlike Wordle, which challenges players to guess a single mystery word, Connections requires players to think creatively and identify different combinations, offering a fresh and intriguing twist on puzzle-solving.

That’s where our NYT Connections Solver tool comes into play. Designed to enhance your puzzle-solving experience, this tool provides insightful hints or full solutions, tailored to whatever you need. Here’s how to use Sportskeeda’s NYT Connections Solver:

(The SK Connections Solver will show all 16 words, much like the way it’s shown on NYT Connections)

  1. The player has to select a word and the solver will reveal the color of the group.

  2. If they click on “Reveal All Answers”, all the groups for all of the words will be revealed.

In the same way, players can also reveal the group name. Here’s how:

The player has to click on “Reveal Yellow Group Topic” to reveal the name of this group and so on.

How is our solver different from others?

Well in this case, unlike most solvers, the Sportskeeda NYT Connections Solver isn’t an article which is the case for a large majority of the solvers available on the interweb. Not only that, the solver that players can use bears a similar design to the game which makes it easier to understand and also faster to play.

Not only that, it will be updated and improved upon as time passes with hints and other methods to help a player solve the NYT Connections puzzle in the fastest way possible.

What is the NYT Connections Game?

While Wordle often steals the spotlight, Connections has quickly become a beloved favorite despite being just over a year old. The game's name aptly captures its essence. In Connections, players are presented with a grid of 16 words and must identify groups of four related words. They need to do this four times until all 16 words are grouped correctly. The challenge lies in the selection of words by Times associate puzzle editor Wyna Liu, who cleverly picks words that can belong to multiple categories.

The obvious choices, such as grouping animals or human muscles, are almost always misleading, adding an extra layer of difficulty and intrigue to the game. There are four different difficulty levels in each game and each group fits in one. Purple, the last one, is the hardest and has been labeled “tricky”, while Yellow is the easiest followed by green and blue.

Players must select four words they believe are part of a group and then click submit, but only if the answer is part of a group will it be accepted. If their selection is wrong, then it’s rejected. Each player gets four chances and the game continues until all the groups are found or if the player runs out of turns, upon which the answers are revealed.

NYT Connections Solutions History

The Sportskeeda NYT Connections Solver will also have a history tab that will contain the answers for the previous six days. That will allow players to see what they missed out on, whether there are any connections or hints between puzzles and more. It could also serve as practice for those looking to attempt a future puzzle, or as examples for newbies.

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