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FIFA 18: 5 freekick techniques to score like a pro

These white-collar freekick techniques will help you master the essential skills in FIFA 18.

EA Sports' FIFA franchise has always been the No. 01 choice of Football fanatics, Gamers, and and non-gamers alike. Every October, with the latest FIFA editions just released, there is always a buzz amongst this ever-growing community of Football Fans and Gamers.

The FIFA 18 release was no exception. Although the new release uses the Frostbite 3 Engine like its predecessor, there have been some significant changes and improvements in the gameplay.

Real Madrid CF v Levante UD - La Liga
Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo is the cover star of FIFA 18

Let's take a look at some dexterous techniques of scoring jaw-dropping freekicks in FIFA 18 that would making your opponent's bite the proverbial dust.

Driven Freekick

An easy-to-master and effective way of scoring from set-pieces, this kind of freekick can be taken by almost all the players. The most suitable area for using this technique would be just outside the penalty area.

Controls: LS (forward) + L1 / LB (Press and Hold) + Shoot

Aim: Near the center of the wall

Power: Less than one bar

This effective freekick technique would ensure that ball rolls beneath the wall as the players jump ambitiously to head the ball.

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