Brendan Steele reveals the only 'bummer' whilst joining Saudi-backed LIV Golf

The American Express - Final Round
The American Express - Final Round

Brendan Steele, an American professional golfer, is the most recent to join the highly controversial Saudi-backed LIV Golf. Alongside Thomas Pieters, a number 27 ranked golfer, he is set to debut in the second season of the league.

Speaking about his friendship with Keegan Bradley, Steele said that he would miss him and that it would be a 'bummer' for him.

He also added that Bradley is not going to join LIV as he is playing well and it would affect their friendship:

"Because I do everything with him [Keegan Bradley]. So I'm bummed to leave him behind. And he's doing great out there (on the PGA Tour). There was no way he was coming and it was just a little bit of a fork in our friendship and our relationship. That’s definitely a bummer for me."

Steele also said that just last week, they (he and Keegan Bradley) had dinner together, and they called it their 'last supper' for the time being.

Brendan Steele to join Phil Mickelson's Hy Flyers

The 39-year-old golfer is set to make his LIV Golf debut with Milkelson's Hy Flyers. The team is one of the twelve teams that are going to compete in the LIV Golf League. Brendan Steele is also joined by his close friends James Piot and Cameron Triangle.

Steele revealed that he asked Phil Mikelson to tell him if there was a place for him in the league too. He also said that he kept his 'head down' until the last moment he got an offer.

Henceforth, it may have been no surprise that Steele joined the LIV Golf League just before the opening tournament at El Camaleon in Mayakoba.

The Hy Flyers' captain, Phil Mickelson, said that he had the authority to suggest and pick a squad. He also emphasized that he wanted to add someone he knew personally. He got Steele in there and was pleased to have him on the team.

The first time Brendan Steele and Phil Mickelson played practice rounds was in 2011. He was playing in his first season on the PGA Tour, and the event was the Players Championship. Steele understood it was something that would help him even if it only lasted nine holes.

These practice sessions continued throughout the years in several tournaments, coupled with some nerve-wracking gambling, as well as being close to their Southern California residences.

Brendan Steele joined LIV Golf because of the schedule that allured him. He said that he has a young daughter, and he wants to give her time:

"I've got a 5-year-old daughter. She hates when I leave and I hate to leave her and knowing when I am going to play means I don’t have to keep throwing curveballs at my wife."

Although Brendan Steele got what he wanted, his door to returning to the PGA is closed forever. While competing on the PGA Tour, he often said he intended to get an entry into the British Open and U.S. Open. Playing on the PGA, the entry was easier, but now it seems to be a much more difficult task.

But as said, if you get the money, you get the peace. Steele gets the money and a pretty good scheduled career. Although LIV Golf does not disclose the duration of a player's contract, it would not be a surprise if Steele got a better paycheck and a longer deal.

Twelve teams will be competing in the second season of LIV Golf for a whooping prize money of $5 million. However, 48 players will be eyeing a massive $20 million individual prize.

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