"I hope he finds a little bit of that form": Brian Harman cheers on old golf partner Anthony Kim's comeback

Walker Cup Match
Anthony Kim & Brian Harman, 2005 Walker Cup (Image via Getty)

Brian Harman is rooting for his 2005 Walker Cup playing partner Anthony Kim after his comeback to the sport from a twelve-year break.

Kim recently joined LIV Golf after his extended break and finished in 54th place with 6-over at the 2024 LIV Golf Adelaide event. Despite this, he showed promise with his best round of 1-under since his return, achieved during the tournament's first round.

Brian Harman said in an interview,

"I’m always interested when someone kind of picks up the pieces and comes back. It’s nice to see him playing golf again. He sure was tough to beat when he was playing good. I hope he finds a little bit of that form.”

Harman believes that the three-time PGA Tour winner has what it takes and will make a comeback to the sport.

In an episode of the GOLF's Subpar Podcast with Colt Knost and Drew Stoltz, Brian Harman called Anthony Kim among the "top-three" best golfers ever. Harman said when asked about the 2005 Walkers Cup (3:50:00 - 5:40:000),

"It’s incredible what he could do. We get out there the first day, and he’s like super nervous, and I’m like, I can’t believe I have to clam this guy down, I’m like, ‘Anthony, you are so much better than anyone here. All you have to do is just keep breathing and we are going to wax these guys.'”


Anthony Kim's 12 Year Break

Anthony Kim disappeared from the world of golf physically and virtually by removing himself from social media completely. A sighting of Kim in public during this break was very rare.

The former PGA Tour player revealed his struggles and the reasons for his break in an interview with LIV Golf's David Feherty called 'The Journey Back.'

Kim said that he fell victim to scam artists and struggled with addiction issues. He also revealed that he "never loved" the sport.


After the break, Kim returned to the world of golf by joining the Saudi-based LIV Golf League as a wildcard player.

He finished last place at his last start at LIV Golf Adelaide. Kim was not discouraged by his performance but felt encouraged by the support of the league, his wife, and his daughter - whom he credits for his current well-being.

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