Anthony Kim reveals undergoing Rehab for multiple issues including mental health - "Proud of myself & so much gratitude for LIV Golf"

LIV Golf Invitational - Houston - Day One
LIV Golfer Anthony Kim (Image via Getty)

Anthony Kim made his comeback to the world of golf 12 years after he last played a professional tournament. When he left he was a part of the PGA Tour, however, as he made his return in 2024, Kim decided to join the new LIV Golf Series instead.

Anthony Kim last played on the PGA Tour in 2012, before he underwent surgery for his Achilles tendon injury. While he was still eligible to play for the 2013 season, Kim decided not to come back. Kim left the world of pro golf and was long forgotten before he decided to resurface in 2024.

Now, having joined the LIV Golf Series, Kim is back on track for his pro golf career. Recently speaking about some of his struggles over the years, he talked about being in rehabilitation for multiple issues including his mental health. In a post on X, Kim detailed:

"Crazy 2 think where I was 11 months ago w a broke foot let alone 17 months ago not having played golf for over a decade & in rehab w multiple issues #mentalhealth included. Proud of myself & so much #gratitude 4 @livgolf_league @excrgolf @BianchetWatches 1% better 2day #girldad"

Anthony Kim is not a part of any team on the LIV Golf Series but instead plays as an independent entity.

Anthony Kim details his journey back to golf after seeking professional help

Anthony Kim went through a tough time after deciding to step away from pro golf in 2012. Detailing his experience in the Guardian, Kim said that he had even made his peace with not playing golf ever again due to his surgeries. Speaking about his time before he went away, he said:

“My life was already kind of going downhil. I was making poor decisions off the golf course; and obviously on, missing that many cuts."

Kim said that he was blessed to be back in 2024, since he did end up going down a slippery slope during his hiatus. However, the golfer did get professional help and found support in his wife and daughter. Speaking about his journey, Kim said:

"But I got professional help. I think that I didn’t deal with a lot of the trauma and whatever came from my life. I buried it because I didn’t want to show anybody weakness. I thought by showing vulnerability, that was weakness. I owe a lot to my wife and to my mom, and really, mostly my daughter."

Anthony Kim played his first tournament in LIV Golf Jeddah, where as expected he finished last. Being the first year that he has played golf in well over a decade, his T48 finish at LIV Golf Houston was an impressive one, as he shows signs of improvement.

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