“I’m not for sale I chose to play LIV Golf” - Anthony Kim attacks Brandel Chamblee as the war of words continues between the two

LIV Golf Invitational - Singapore - Day One
Anthony Kim (Image via Getty).

Anthony Kim and Brandel Chamblee have been engaged in a bitter exchange on social media for the past few days. This Wednesday, May 15, the matter escalated further, with the player's most recent post.

Kim again used his X account to respond to allegations previously made by Chamblee. On this occasion, the LIV Golf player mentioned the broadcaster's family and romantic relationships, posting the following:

"Again an inaccurate statement by someone who would know about hangin around ball pits when he left his family and four kids for someone half his age @GolfChannel. Very unprofessional. Also I’m not for sale I chose to play @livgolf_league bcuz it was best for me and my family."

This post by Anthony Kim was in response to previous statements by Chamblee, given during an interview given to GolfWRX reporter Matt Vincenzi, after being called a "talentless fool" and other names by Anthony Kim.

This was part of what Chamblee said:

"At first, I thought it was a bot. But it’s not, it was just somebody who’s been bought… I thought it was juvenile. Social media is a perfect place for juveniles to go behave like children, like the ball pit at McDonalds without adult supervision."

So far, Brandel Chamblee has not responded to Anthony Kim for his post on Wednesday.

Anthony Kim vs Brandel Chamblee on social media

The exchange between Anthony Kim and Brandel Chamblee began a week ago after the golf analyst gave an interview on Golf Channel saying that the PGA Tour should focus on getting a deal with Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund (PIF).

This stance is very different from what Chamblee had maintained up to this point. Kim issued a post at the time questioning the broadcaster's integrity in suddenly changing his mind. In that post, he called him a "hypocrite," "talentless fool" and other names.

Hours later, Chamblee responded to this post by Kim explaining his view of why he had changed his stance. He stated that the Saudis "will continue" to be present in the game of golf. Chamblee said Kim had been as "inaccurate" as one of "Phil Mickelson's drives."

Since that time, Kim has taken up the confrontation on X several times, while Chamblee discussed the issue with Matt Vincenzi. Chamblee has insisted it's a "juvenile" attitude from the player, while Kim has called on his counterpart to "listen to the opinions" of others.

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