"It takes the ISS 90 mins to orbit around the Earth" - NFL network host breaks into golf rant mid broadcast

Sara Walsh
Sara Walsh on Good Morning Football show (Image via Twitter/@gmfb)

In a crazy development, Good Morning Football show host Sara Walsh went on a three-minute rant about golf. The show host went off on the sport and its ‘time-consuming’ nature mid-broadcast on Wednesday. Recording one of the longest golf rants in TV history, Walsh said that the international space station orbiting the Earth and a golfer shooting 6 over through the first 6 holes take about the same time.

The Good Morning Football show host was talking in a segment she called "A Fore-Word with Sara Walsh," when she went on a no-bars-held rant focusing on spouses spending too much time playing a round. The NFL Network TV host and former ESPNer, married to retired Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Matt Buschmann, said that people should find ‘less time-consuming hobbies.’

Sara Walsh said, as per the video posted to the show's Twitter account:

"It is the grumbling about seeking permission from the significant other and being given a hard time 'because you just want to play a simple round of golf with your buddies.' But I just want to put this in perspective, the other side of this conversation."

She explained:

"The one in which you come to us with what are utterly unrealistic promises that could never be fulfilled. Starting with this real, unplayable lie: you are not going golfing and 'it's just going to take three-and-a-half hours.'
"And it's not because the group in front of you played slow, it's not because they had a dude in jean shorts with a 20 handicap. First of all, it is because your round of golf starts an hour earlier than your tee time so you can get on the range so that you can find your swing because somewhere in the recess of your brain you think that you have a shot to get on tour."

Sara Walsh says not every golfer can be Rory McIlroy

Continuing her rant, Sara Walsh slammed casual golfers and said that they couldn’t become Rory McIlroy by buying gadgets to 'train speed'.

The TV host added:

"Here's another thing, how much golf gear do you guys need? Because I'm not talking about the shirts, and the pants, or the golf shoes. I'm talking about the random Amazon packages that show up that I know I didn't order. They're the ones that measure your launch stats because just because you're buying gadgets to 'train speed' doesn't mean you're about to be Rory McIlroy."

She ended the monologue with the award-winning line putting the time taken by golfers in comparison to the ISS.

She said:

"It takes the International Space Station 90 minutes to orbit around the Earth. It takes you 90 minutes to shoot six over through the first six holes."

While Walsh’s rant was entertaining to watch on broadcast, it also received some heat from golf fans online. However, many others welcomed the show host’s exasperation with laughs.

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