“Just like his political career”: Golf fans rate US President Joe Biden’s swing

President Joe Biden playing golf this weekend at the JBA golf course (Image via NUCLR GOLF).
President Joe Biden playing golf this weekend at the JBA golf course (Image via NUCLR GOLF).

U.S. President Joe Biden was recently spotted playing golf at the Joint Base Andrews golf course in Maryland. Biden is perhaps not as fond of golf as his predecessor, but it is not unusual to see him taking a round from time to time.

However, on this occasion, a video went viral in which he can be seen executing a golf swing, with the obvious intention of looking for a long drive. In the video, you can see a rather tight swing, typical of a person of President Joe Biden's age (80).

However, media NUCLR GOLF took to the networks asking fans to evaluate and, if necessary, rate President Joe Biden's swing. Here is part of what Twitter users had to say:

“'All backswing, with little follow through' just like his political career."
"Pretty good actually."
"At least he didn’t fall".
"Oddly enough to the right".
"weaker than a Dylan Mulvaney bench press."
"He's 80. If on a course at 80 i could care less what my swing looks like."
"Look, if I’m still swinging when I’m his age, I’m pretty happy."
"It straight and had loft…what else do you want !"
"Honesty, not bad considering he’s older than Christ".
"Man hes 80 years old lol. Most of us would be happy to still be swinging at 80. This isnt really the dig you intended it to be."

President Joe Biden's relationship with golf

President Joe Biden has been a regular golfer for many, many years. As far as is known, he is a member of two golf clubs: the Wilmington Country Club and the Fieldstone Golf Club. Both facilities are in Delaware, a state for which Biden served as Senator from 1973 to 2009.

As a public figure, he has been seen on countless occasions playing golf. As Barack Obama's Vice President (2009-17), Biden practiced on the White House putting green. When he took over the presidency in 2020 (succeeding Donald Trump), he began using the golf facilities at Joint Base Andrews.

But that's not all: Joe Biden is, actually, a good golfer. Or he was a few years ago, considering he is about to turn 81 years old.

According to Golf Digest, during Barack Obama's presidential term, Biden possessed a handicap of 6. This was of the best within the American political community. Moreover, 2018 was Joe Biden's last appearance in a round in the USGA GHIN handicapping system. He was recorded with a handicap of 6.7.

I mean, we're not talking about a professional player on the PGA Tour or LIV Golf, but Biden could play. Obviously, things are no longer what they were. Taking over the presidency of the United States plus his age have taken their toll on his game.

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