“That’s a f**king record now!”: Shane Lowry jokes about CT Pan’s unique situation at the RBC Canada Open

RBC Canadian Open - Round Two
CT Pan has had to change caddies a few times

Shane Lowry couldn't help but laugh when CT Pan brought out a fourth caddie for the RBC Canadian Open. Thanks to a very unique situation, Pan has had to have a different caddie several times.

The fourth one came out for the final round, which saw Pan shoot several shots off the lead after making the cut.

Lowry said:

"Fourth caddie? That's a f*****g record now!"

Most golfers use one caddie at their tournaments. It's rare to change caddies even once in a tournament, let alone three times. Pan having to do so is certainly an oddity, one that Lowry found rather hilarious.

There were some unfortunate circumstances that led to the change. Mike Cowan, a longtime caddie who is 76 years old, took a fall and had to leave the tournament. That left Pan in a unique and unenviable situation.

He seemed to be in fine health after the accident and was not in need of attention, but he was unable to carry the bag for Pan any longer. Pan recruited a fan to help him, thinking that would be the solution.

However, that didn't last. After about half an hour, the fan had to step away. Thus, another person had to step in and provide Pan with caddying services. This caddie lasted the first nine holes of the final round, before having to step down.

Then stepped in Al Riddell, a caddie who most recently worked for Paul Barjon. Barjon had played the RBC Canadian Open before missing the cut. That meant that Riddell was technically available and helped Pan close out the final round.

Barring any unforeseen changes, that will be the final caddie change probably for the entire tournament. This is probably a record as Lowry pointed out, and it's likely one that will stay for a very long time.

Can CT Pan win the RBC Canadian Open?

It is very impressive that CT Pan has withstood such drastic changes to his bag. Caddies often fly under the radar in terms of their usefulness, but they do play a role in a golfer's success. To change three times (including using a random fan) and still play remotely well is a feat worthy of praise.

CT Pan had to use this fan as a caddie
CT Pan had to use this fan as a caddie

At the time of writing, CT Pan was three under par and pretty far off the lead. He is trailing Robert MacIntyre by 10 shots, so it's unlikely that he can make up that ground. Just making it to this point through all the chaos is a nice outcome for the World No. 137.

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Edited by Pritha Ghosh
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