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10 Proven Healthy Eating Tips

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All those who are interested in a healthy lifestyle know that diet forms an integral part of one’s routine. Even for those who are trying to lose weight, diet has 70% importance whereas exercise only has 30% in the total regime.

So are there some full proof diet tips that can enable you to be healthier and more energetic than ever? Absolutely yes!

One point should be made clear here. It is not possible for all diet tips to work for all people at all times. However, there are some healthy eating tips that work for all people at all times.

So let us dive into some proven healthy eating tips that will help you live your best life!

Tip #1

Raspberry & Porridge Oats, London, UK

Keep a stock of food items that are healthy. Oats, whole wheat bread, granola bars, brown rice, fat-free yoghurt, salad leaves, hummus etc. are some examples of what we are talking about.

Hunger strikes randomly, and what happens when you do not have these in your kitchen? You cook yourself some ramen or pasta. Is that healthy? I say not! So keep a stocked fridge to keep yourself away from nasty cravings and cheats.

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Tip #2

Olive Oil
Olive Oil

Do not eliminate fats completely. It has been proven that not all fats are bad for health. Fried food, desserts, junk etc. are not what we are referring to here.

Some saturated fats are required by your body to carry out its normal functions. Eliminating all of it will do more harm than good. Eggs, nuts and olive oil must be included in your diet.

Tip #3

Calorie Chart
Calorie Chart

See what you eat, how much you eat and how fast you eat. While the portion size is important and the kind of food you are eating is essential, how fast you gobble your food down must be checked too.

It takes some time for your body to realize that you are putting food in it, so the feeling of being full sets in later. Eating slowly helps control the calories intake and helps you lose weight effectively. 

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