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5 Best Lower Ab Workouts To Strengthen Your Core - Lower Belly Fat Exercises 

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A strong abdomen is fundamental for an excellent posture and a healthier balance, making it quintessential to work on the abdomen region on a regular basis. 

Crunches help tone the abdomen muscles

The entire abdomen region is composed of one long muscle that covers the entire abdomen region. Toning this muscle not only improves the lower abs but also works on the upper part of the abdomen. At best, one could perform various ab workouts that would work the lower region of the abdomen with precision, and this list features five exercises that target the same. 

However, toning and training the core muscles is not enough for a ripped lower abdomen. As the saying goes "Lower abs are partly built in the kitchen," one should supplement these exercises with a healthy diet that has a low-calorie count and a rich source of protein. 

Let us not wait any longer and dive in deeper and find out more about the exercises that you could add to your workout sessions to improve the overall core strength lower abdomen and reduce lower belly fat.

#1 Straight Leg Raise

Straight leg raise is a relatively simple exercise and could be performed by both beginners and experienced trainers.

People with lower back are advised to avoid this exercise or perform it under expert guidance.


Step 1: Lay flat on the floor in a supine position with your arms behind the lower back. The legs should be straight, and the lower back region should be in contact with the floor throughout the duration of the exercise.


Step 2: Slowly lift your legs towards the roof such that they are perpendicular to the floor.

Step 3: Hold for a moment and return to the initial position.

Repeat the exercise for the recommended number of times.

Important tips: You could even lift your head, neck, and shoulders while lifting your legs for added impact on the abdomen region. In addition, you could even add ankle weights or weighted boots for added resistance.

Variations could also be performed using a flat bench or by hanging onto an overhead bar.

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