5 Best Upper Glute Exercises for Women

. The ideal strategy to tone your glutes is to engage in a variety of upper glute exercises. (Image via Unsplash/ Nikola Murniece)
. The ideal strategy to tone your glutes is to engage in a variety of upper glute exercises. (Image via Unsplash/ Nikola Murniece)

Upper glute exercises play a critical role in our general biomechanics, stability, and balance in addition to maintaining stable hips.

The largest muscles in your body, the glutes serve a variety of vital purposes. They are in charge of keeping our strength and balance while we run, stroll, or jump.

The upper glute exercises assist in supporting our pelvis during gait and running. They are essential for keeping a lower body that is both effective and secure. The benefits of toning your butts extend beyond the gym. The glutes support you while you sit, stand, run, stroll, jump, and go on hikes. They also add to your total strength.

They are your largest hip extensors and are crucial to the stability of your hips and lower back.

Furthermore, your bum helps you squat and hinge while also supporting your back and stabilizing your pelvis, which reduces back pain throughout the day. Additionally, having powerful glutes can improve your running and potentially prevent knee issues.

Best Upper Glute Exercises for Women

You'll gain a lot of advantages from upper glute exercises, not just in terms of how you feel, but also in terms of your athletic prowess. Due to the fact that this significant muscle is a potent stabilizer, you'll decrease lower back aches, knee pain, and the likelihood of ankle sprains.

Additionally, you'll discover that you can run more quickly and use more resistance during your workouts. More stability throughout the body is a result of stronger upper glutes.

1) Side leg lifts

Side leg lifts are one of the best upper glute exercises. It helps in strengthening and toning the inner thighs as well as glute muscles.



  • Your feet should be piled on top of one another as you lay on your right side. Head cocked towards right arm.
  • Lift your left leg off the floor while keeping your legs straight. Avoid letting your pelvis sag. Lower it once more.
  • Leaning against a wall and letting your upper leg slide will help correct any body slanting that may occur if you're having trouble stopping your legs from moving forward.
  • Perform two 25-rep sets on each leg.

2) Glute bridge

The Bridge is a fantastic upper glute exercise. Your stomach, back, and glutes will all be worked. Some back discomfort may even be relieved by strengthening your glutes and core.



  • Lay down on your back.
  • As soon as your body makes a horizontal line from knees to head, bend your knees and elevate your hips.
  • Stay balanced and avoid leaning too far forward or back.
  • Make sure your abs are strong and that you are lifting from your hips rather than your chest if you experience any back strain from this exercise.

3) Lunge to high knee

Lunge to High Knees can improve your core and add muscle mass to your glutes. Regularly performing this upper glute exercise will enhance your stability and balance.



  • Stand upright with your feet hip-width apart. Bend both knees while reversing one foot (90-degree angles).
  • When bending, your front knee shouldn't go past your toes, and your back knee shouldn't touch the floor.
  • Maintain a straight front foot, bring your rear leg and knee forward and raise it as high as you can.

4) Fire hydrant

A wonderful workout for a strong glute pump is the fire hydrant. To increase the burn, wrap a resistance band across your knees.



  • Go to all fours to begin. To one side, raise one leg.
  • Just raise your torso as high as you can without moving it to the side.
  • Maintain a solid, neutral posture with your back.
  • Start the motion with your glutes or hips. Do the same with the other leg.

5) Donkey kicks

The Donkey Kick is a well-liked upper glute exercise. For an all-around glute pump, use it with the Fire Hydrant in a superset. Make the exercise more challenging by wrapping a resistance band over your knees. Before you begin, be sure to look over these exercise blunders.



  • Go down on all fours.
  • While keeping your knees bent, lift one heel up towards the ceiling.
  • Pull your leg up, starting with your hips or glutes rather than arching your back.
  • Instead of trying to elevate your feet as high as you can, focus on engaging your glutes to lift your legs.
  • Repeat with another leg.

Wrapping Up

For appropriate hip and thigh mobility, the three muscles that make up the glutes are crucial. The ideal strategy to tone your glutes is to engage in a variety of upper glute exercises on days that aren't consecutive and gradually add weight. To prevent overtraining, make sure to take rest days in between strength workouts.

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