5 Bodybuilders Who Likely Died from Steroids Use

Steroids use have negative impact on health (Image via Instagram)
Steroids use have negative impact on health (Image via Instagram)

Steroids use in bodybuilding has raised increasing concerns, especially due to frequent deaths in the bodybuilding community due to heart attacks. Many gurus and professional bodybuilders have been raising their voices about these deaths along with asking for regular health checks from bodybuilders.

Bodybuilding is only safe if your goal is to achieve a fit body without any intention of steroid use or competing in bodybuilding competitions.

In this article, we will discuss bodybuilders who are more or less likely to die from steroid use.

Bodybuilders Who Died from Steroids

#1 Zyzz

Zyzz was one of the youngest fitness influencers whose death was most likely caused due to steroid use at the age of 22. He was the poster boy for amateur bodybuilding along with running his own clothing brand, modeling, and running a solo YouTube channel.

Zyzz's older brother Said was also arrested for possession of steroids, which are especially anabolic. However, Zyzz denied using steroids to build his body and further added that he built his body based on his immense hard work.

Zyzz’s death left everyone shocked and fans came in huge numbers in tribute to this young amateur bodybuilder.

#2 Rich Piana

Rich Piana, a professional bodybuilder, died at the age of 46 after he was kept in a medically induced coma. He collapsed at home while he was getting a haircut and was rushed to the hospital.

This professional bodybuilder admitted to using steroids for about 27 years. In his YouTube video, he explained to people that if they have a choice to stay natural without any drug use, then they should keep it that way.

However, if you want to become a professional bodybuilder, then you have no choice but to use steroids.

#3 Ben Harnett

IFBB Pro Qualifier and Pro Show (Image via Getty Images)
IFBB Pro Qualifier and Pro Show (Image via Getty Images)

Bodybuilders have been warned regarding steroids use after Ben Harnett’s death was ruled by the coroner as self-inflicted injuries caused due to steroids. Harnett was only 37 years old and was married for less than a year along with being the father of one child.

It was rumored that Harnett was consuming too much steroids to make his body bigger as he was training for a competition.

#4 Dallas McCarver

The death of Dallas McCarver was not sudden as there were many signs of his failing health. The mass monster of 6’1” and 300 lb mass monster was often considered the future of Mr. Olympia champ and upcoming bodybuilding star.

The traits of Dallas McCarver's failing health began when he first collapsed as he was posing for the Arnold Classic in Australia. McCarver was later found unconscious at his home in August 2017.

Three months after his death, it was revealed that the cause of Dallas' death was severe cardiomegaly, which is common among people who use steroids. His heart was almost thrice the size of a normal human heart.

#5 George Peterson

IFBB Pro Qualifier and Pro Show (Image via Getty Images)
IFBB Pro Qualifier and Pro Show (Image via Getty Images)

George Peterson is more likely to have died due to the use of steroids. The sudden death of this bodybuilder has left people shocked as he was just 37 years old. Peterson’s autopsy revealed that his death was due to sudden cardiac dysrhythmia. It was also mentioned that anabolic steroid use was also a contributing factor to Peterson’s death.

The aforementioned article discusses bodybuilders who are more or less likely to have died from the use of steroids. The above-listed bodybuilders are among the most popular ones who worked hard for their bodies but lost their lives because of drug use.

Initial deaths in bodybuilding have been blamed on beginners for illegal drug use. However, the occurrence of heart attacks is too frequent to be labeled as a coincidence. Now even professional bodybuilders have lost their lives due to cardiac arrest.

People from the bodybuilding fraternity have come forward regarding the use of steroids and have demanded regular health checks for people in the bodybuilding profession.

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