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5 Effective Diet Plans To Gain Weight & Build Muscle!

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Before I did my research, I thought that if cutting down on carbs can help someone to lose weight, maybe adding on carbs would help them gain weight. I was very sure about this direct proportionality, like any layman.

Bowls of ingredients for cooking classic Caesar salad. Sliced baked chicken breast, green roman salad, parmesan cheese, egg, croutons, salt, jug of sauce over gray texture background. Top view, space.
A healthy meal includes a perfect balance between carbs,
, protein, vitamins, minerals etc.

However, that is not the case. Carbs are not a necessity and hence, not eating them will help you in the long run, be it to gain or to lose weight. So does that mean that gaining weight is very complicated? Not really!

There are some easy diet tips and plans that can enable you to gain weight and mass in a healthy manner. It is to be remembered, that we are not going to use any additional supplements in this process.

A lot of us are on a budget and would cross all limits to save whatever we can. So let us get started with this all-natural process. We have a diet chart towards the end, so keep reading!

1. Eat More Calories:

This is a simple mantra. In order to gain weight, you need to incorporate items that are rich in calories. These include bread, rice, nuts and other dry fruits. These are not only adding calories to your daily intake but also increasing the amount of nutrients and vitamins you consume. Adding items like broccoli, fish, pulses, lettuce, meat, olive oil and dairy products can all help you with your weight.

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2. Increase The Number Of Meals You Have:

People usually eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, you must increase the number of meals to about 6. This will include breakfast, brunch, lunch, supper, dinner and a pre-bedtime snack. None of these must be junk as our main aim is to increase the calorie intake in a healthy and nutritious manner. You can include bread, corn flakes, fresh juices, rice, curd, soup etc. to your diet. 

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