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5 Yoga Poses To Keep Your Diabetes in Check

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Yoga for diabetes cure
Yoga for diabetes cure

For those who love to eat and live life to their fullest, Diabetes can be difficult. But nevertheless, it is something that is a part of your life and not something that you can run away from. You should be aware of the intricacies related to it and hence, change your diet and fitness routine. This routine must help you control your blood sugar level. Once that is in control, everything else will feel like a cakewalk. Here, we want to first point out a few diet tips that you must remember so that you can control your blood sugar level:

1) Go for whole foods. Brown rice, whole wheat bread or pasta, oats, barley are the food items that you must look into. These make you feel full and are not as heavy as their substitutes.

2) There are certain fruits that increase your blood sugar level drastically. Stay away from them and go for those items that enable you to control it, instead. Also, try and eat your fruits and vegetables raw.

3) Packaged foods and processed juices are a strict no no. Even if you are in the mood to have flavored water, go for the unsweetened alternative. Black coffee or tea, are fine as well.

4) Stay away from dried fruits as much as you can. They are tiny but extremely heavy. Plus, it is easy to not monitor the consumption of these.

5) Fast food is usually high in sugar and unhealthy carbs. Staying away from it is the best you can do to manage your blood sugar level.

Now, let us look at some yoga poses to keep your blood sugar level in check:

Yoga Pose #1

Dhanurasana or the Bow Pose



Step 1: Lie on your tummy and keep your arms by your side. Your feet must be hip width apart.

Step 2: Bend your knees and hold your ankles over your hips.

Step 3: Slowly, lift your chest off the floor and pull your legs up towards the ceiling.

Step 4: Look straight and hold this pose for 10-15 seconds. Get back to the initial position and repeat.

Do this pose 5 times and keep a check on your breathing.

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