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6 Beginners' Ab Workout For Women To Build Abs

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Many of us can see noticeable differences in our shoulders, waist, chest, and legs but when it comes to abdomens, you can see nothing. Yes, maybe you are working out six days a week and following a strict diet plan.

American Ninja Warrior - Season 10
American Ninja Warrior - Season 10

But the results in the midsection might not be prominent at all. This happens to many of us and hence, we have come to you with some basic core and abdomen exercises for women that will not only be simple but also extremely effective.

By simple, we mean that you will not require hi-fi machines. These ab workout tips will need you to put in an effort and you will realize that there can be no shortcuts to success. So let us get started.

#1 Bear Crawl


Step 1: Get on your fours. Place your hand right under your shoulder and your knees under your hips.

Step 2: Slowly pick your knees off the ground while keeping your hips as low as possible.

Step 3: Your chest needs to be pushed away from the ground and your head needs to face forward.

Step 4: Start moving forward with the help of opposite limbs.


Step 5: Increase your speed and do not necessarily walk in the same direction.

Important Tip: Do this exercise for 1 minute in the beginning and gradually increase it to two minutes. You can take a break in the middle.

#2 Jackknife Sit-ups


Step 1: Lie on the ground and extend your arms behind your head. Your legs need to be straight too.

Step 2: Slowly, bend your waist and raise your limbs such that your legs are at a 45-degree angle from the floor and your arms are parallel to your legs.

Step 3: Your upper abdomen must be off the floor.

Step 4: Now lower your limbs back to the ground and repeat.

Important Tip: Do this exercise for 2 minutes and increase gradually.

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