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6 Best Lower Abs Workout For Women To Get A Flat Stomach

Modified 25 Feb 2019
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Lower abs are difficult to tone up. The fat in this area is very stubborn and you will notice that even though your waistline is reducing, your lower abdomen is still bulging out. Does that mean that a six-pack abs is a distant dream for you? Absolutely not ladies! It is possible to get those shredded abs at the comfort of your home. It is not easy, but you will get there.

First, let us start with knowing and understanding a few important tips about your lower abs workout:

1.    Diet is important. Do not take it for granted. Working out is essential but it is not the only thing that can help you get what you want. Drink lots of water, cut down on artificial sugar and junks, eat healthy food. You will see the difference.

2.    Start with a good warm-up session. Definitely, shocking your muscle is important, but not like this. Warm up, add new exercises and work it out!

3.    In case you find it difficult to lose weight in this region, it is not just on your diet. Female body is devised in a way that our hormone, estrogen, functions to store most fat in this region. Exercise and diet together can help you get the best results.

4.    Walking is a great way to sculpt your lower abs. Walk for 30 minutes every day, for about 5 days a week. It will not only help you work on your lower abs but also on your overall body weight.

5.    Do not do these exercises every day. Alternate days will work just fine.

So let us get started with the best lower abs workout for women to get a flat stomach.

Exercise #1


Alligator Walk

This exercise also helps strengthen your upper abs and core.


Step 1: Get in the push-up position, with your arms directly under your shoulders and your toes firmly positioned on the floor. Bend your arms to lower your body and do not arch your back. You need to make a straight line from your head to your heels.

Step 2: Engage your core and start by taking small steps and simultaneously moving your arms forward to mimic an alligator’s movement.

Important tip: Do this exercise for as long as you can.

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Published 21 Jul 2018, 13:34 IST
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