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6 best shoulder workouts without weights

Push-ups are very effective in toning the shoulders
Push-ups are very effective in toning the shoulders
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The deltoid muscles in the shoulder region are one of the most important muscles in the upper body as they are quintessential to almost every arm movement that we do in our daily routine. This makes it quintessential to tone all the three heads of the deltoid muscles with a targeted training program.

Generally, one has to work with weights to build muscles. However, that is not always the case, and with these exercises, one could develop the shoulder muscles using only their body weight. Moreover, as these exercises do not need any complicated equipment, one could perform them in the comfort of their home.

Nevertheless, remember to perform proper warm-up before initiating any training program to flex your muscles and improve blood circulation to the target muscle group. Additionally, have a healthy diet that is rich in lean protein, which is quintessential for muscle building and recovery.

Let us not wait any longer and look closer at the six best shoulder workouts without weights that you could add to your workout program to build muscle and improve the overall shoulder strength.

#1 Pull-Ups


Step 1: Hang from a pull-up bar while securing it with a shoulder-width grip. Ensure that the palms are facing away from the body throughout the duration of the exercise. The arms should be fully extended in this position.


Step 2: Gradually raise yourself until the chin is just above the pull-up bar.

Step 3: Pause for a second and return to the starting position. Keep in mind to not let the feet touch the floor while performing the pull-ups.

Repeat the exercise for the recommended number of times.

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Important tip: Perform the wide-grip pull-ups to activate the deltoids with increased precision.

#2 Push-Ups


Step 1: Lie on the floor in a prone position and quickly transition yourself into a high plank. Keep the arms straight and rest the body on the palms and the toes. Do not let the body sag towards the floor while in this position.

Step 2: With a stationary torso, gradually lower yourself until the chest is just inches off the floor.

Step 3: Pause for a second and lift yourself back to the starting position.


Repeat the exercise for the recommended number of times.

Important tip: Perform the decline push-ups to tone the deltoids with greater intensity.

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Published 28 Sep 2018, 00:00 IST
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