7 Powerful Shoulder Workout For Mass For Boulder Shoulders - The Ultimate Guide

A bodybuilder training at the gym.
A bodybuilder training at the gym.
Modified 07 Feb 2019
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Well-developed shoulders are something everyone aspires to have. You need to remember that this takes a lot of hard work and patience. The reason why it becomes indispensable to work on your shoulders is that your shoulders are included in all the upper body movements and are vulnerable to injuries.

Before you work on your shoulders it is important to understand it from the anatomical viewpoint. The reason why I emphasise on understanding this is that it’s your body and you have complete command and control over it. In a nutshell, the shoulder is a rather unstable ball and socket joint, covered by a major round shaped muscle called the deltoid.

If we dig further the deltoid has three parts namely the anterior head, middle head and posterior head. The anterior head is responsible for flexion movement, such as raising your arms up in front of you and it internally rotates the arm at the shoulder joint. The lateral head allows you to lift objects up to the sides, away from you. The posterior head helps your arms pull backwards, such as during a row and it also externally rotates the arm at the shoulder joint.

Now that you know about your shoulders, let’s get started with the shoulder workout for mass. These shoulder workout tips will eventually lead you to give your body the desirable V-shape, in which a strong upper body narrows down to a slim waist.

#1 Shoulder Push Up

The shoulder push-up is a push-up variation that helps in increasing the strength and stability of the shoulders.


Step 1: Start with a normal push up position with both your hands slightly wider and elbows locked out.

Step 2: Now keep your hip in a curved position towards the ceiling making an upside down ‘V’.

Step 3: After this slowly lower the top of our head towards the ground.

Step 4: Once your head is about to make contact with the ground pause for about 2-3 seconds and then press back to the starting position.

Tip: Performing the exercise in a more upright position will target the shoulders more than the chest. Do 3 sets of 7 reps each. (Note: Keep your toes closer to the body to create a sharper angle and make the exercise difficult)

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Published 25 Jun 2018
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