6 Best Yoga with Adrienne Exercises to Practice at Home

Just starting out with yoga? Try these six effective yoga with adrienne poses at home. (Image via Unsplash /Conscious Design)
Yoga with Sdrienne poses at home (Image via Unsplash/Conscious Design)

Yoga can be a great way to relieve stress and clear the mind, but it’s not always easy to get practice time when you need.

Thanks to one of the most popular yoga personalities on YouTube - Adrienne - there are hundreds of yoga classes available to you that you can do at home.

For the yoga novice, Adriene’s soothing voice and gentle prompts coax you into a relaxing mood. Before you know it, a calm feeling of relaxation seeps its way into every muscle. She offers variations of most asanas so that anyone irrespective of their level can follow.

Yoga Exercises to Practice at Home with Adrienne

Here's a collection of Adrienne's best videos, but don't stop there. When you find an instructor whose videos you love, search the instructor's entire library to find more classes that appeal to you.

With hundreds of hours of instructions available, Adrienne's videos are a great place to start and deepen your yoga journey. No matter what your experience or level of fitness, you will certainly find something that works for you. As they are free, you won't be risking much by giving it a try.

Here's a look at six such poses:

1) Yoga for Beginners

This gentle yoga class is perfect for beginners, and it’s also a good “back to basics” refresher.

Adriene has a lovely, engaging personality, and her expert instructions help you pay close attention to the alignment of each movement and pose.


2) Yoga for Joy

This practice helps strengthen and warm the body, and the intentions behind the movements are to help you feel happy, healthy, and strong.

The sequence includes Warrior 2, Reverse Warrior, and Warrior Angle. The class concludes with several balancing poses you need to hold for several minutes.


3) Morning Wake-Up Routine

This yoga video has a slow pace and peaceful quality. The instructor's voice has a soothing sound, and she provides clear instructions so you can follow along.

The sequence begins with seated warm-ups and moves to lunging poses. It ends with a seated twist, boat pose, and quick-seated meditation.


4) Yoga for Anxiety and Stress

Adriene's 27-minute yoga video is a soothing journey through breath work and seated and standing poses.

The hard part is just showing up with your yoga mat, hitting the play button, and relaxing into the experience of being guided by her voice.


5) Bedtime Yoga

This 12-minute session helps you release tension and stress, love your body, and allows you to relax and unwind.

The intention of this class is to 'give the thinking mind a break' by doing some Cat/Cow stretches and Child’s pose. After relaxing in supine poses like Knee Down Twist and Happy Baby, your practice will conclude with the final resting pose.


6) Yoga for Weight Loss

You can get a fun, effective workout from the comfort of your own home using this 40-minute yoga for weight loss sequence.

Designed to help you burn fat, gain strength and agility, and improve digestion, this routine may be too challenging to do all at once when you first try it. However, with practice over time, you will be able to complete the entire sequence without stopping.



There are a number of ways you can practice yoga at home. Adrienne’s videos offer an array of options to help you get started. You can find all her videos on YouTube that focus on beginner, intermediate, and advanced poses.

Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • Her YouTube yoga channel is 100% free, and you can learn how to relax and unwind. She has a soothing tone of voice that makes it easy for anyone to learn how to relax and unwind.
  • Her workouts are great for all levels of experience, whether you’re just starting out or looking to improve your technique.
  • She is a fun, playful, and energetic teacher who will keep you engaged throughout your sessions. Her classes are authentic and full of positive energy.
  • If you’re an experienced yogi, she offers several 30-day challenges each year and a new video series each month.
  • She also creates helpful playlists for her students. Each month, a new community theme, practice calendar, and video playlist are posted on her Facebook page.


A key takeaway from the Adrienne videos is that yoga is for everyone. Many people make the mistake of thinking that yoga is only for young women and skinny guys, but in reality, it can benefit virtually anyone.

If you’ve never tried yoga before, now is a great time to get started; if you’re new to yoga, and enjoy Adrienne’s videos, we strongly recommend checking out some of the other options out there.

There are more than enough videos available online to keep you busy for months, so it’s up to you to decide which ones best fit your needs.

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