6 Effective Bicep Exercises With Dumbbells


We are back to square one! How can we get bigger and stronger biceps? Biceps are one of the areas which people attach a lot of importance to. Well obviously, it comes out as a symbol of strength and good physique.

So why not decode the perfect arm workout for you which will help you get bigger and stronger biceps. Yes, we know, a lot of you will get demotivated thinking that we will list out heavy equipment for this regime. You will be happy to know that all you need to get great results is a pair of dumbbells. Before we start, let us think of a few tips on working your biceps:

1.    Know the structure of your arms. Since you will be required to flex your arms in parts while doing many of these exercises, it becomes important to understand the structure. Also, focusing on any one of these parts, only and in isolation, can lead to unsatisfactory results. Focus on each part and work slowly to build them up.

2.    Do not forget your forearms after training your biceps. No doubt, your forearms get used for almost every exercise, but do some exercises, specifically for your forearms.

3.    More reps in different sets do not mean bigger muscles. Keep your movement slow and your posture perfect. Keep 2 sets of 10-15 reps each instead of 4 sets of 5 reps. Work on your biceps for longer periods at a time.

Now, we must get into an effective bicep workout to help you build stronger biceps by just using dumbbells.

Exercise #1

Zottman Curl

This exercise not only works on your biceps, but also your forearms


Step 1: Hold a dumbbell in each hand and stand straight. Your hands must be at arms length and your elbows must be close to your body. Your palms must face each other.

Step 2: Keep your upper arms where they are and curl your dumbbells (breathe out). Engage your biceps. Rotate your wrists to a palms-up position. Do this until your dumbbells are at your shoulder level.

Step 3: While in this position, rotate your wrists to get to a palms-down position such that your thumb is at a higher level than your pinky finger.

Step 4: With the same grip, bring your dumbbells down (breathe in). As you reach down, start neutralizing your grip by rotating your wrist. Repeat.

Do 2 sets of 15 reps each.

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Edited by Mayank Vora
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