6 Effective Core Workouts At Home To Get A Tight Midsection

Planks are excellent for building the abdominal exercises

You do not need to hit the gym day in and day out to tone the abdominal muscles and build a strong core. Of course, a gym provides a host of benefits ranging from a personal trainer to specialised equipment, which will point you in the right direction to the build the target muscle group.

However, with a well thought-out and well-balanced workout program you could activate the core and build a strong midsection in the comfort of your home using just your body weight as resistance. Ensure that these exercises have enough variety that targets various muscle groups to avoid any muscle imbalances, which could lead to further complications.

Most importantly, ensure that you have a healthy diet that is low in fat and is a rich source of lean protein, which is essential for muscle building.

Let us not wait any longer and look closer at the six effective exercises that you could perform in the comfort of your home to build a tight midsection.

#1 Plank to Dolphin

The dolphin plank is a core exercise that not only targets the abdominal muscles for a tighter core but also activates a host of other muscles including the lower back, chest and the arms.


Step 1: Lie on the floor in a prone position. Place your wrists directly below your shoulders and position yourself into a plank position. Ensure that the body forms a straight line while performing this exercise.

Step 2: Slowly raise your hips towards the ceiling until the body forms an inverted-V with the floor. Ensure that the torso and the lower body are straight in this motion.

Step 3: Pause for a second and return to the initial position.

Repeat the exercise for the recommended number of times.

Important tip: Avoid the plank to dolphin exercise if you are suffering from lower back pain or are recovering from a back injury.

#2 Boat Pose

Apart from targetting the core, this exercise improves the overall balance and flexibility of the body.


Step 1: Sit on the floor with fully extended legs. The torso should be straight, and the arms should be extended outwards.

Step 2: Slightly lean back and lift your legs until your body forms a 'V-shape.' Ensure that the legs and the arms are straight throughout the duration of the exercise.

Step 3: Pause for 30 seconds and return to the initial position.

Repeat the exercise for the recommended number of times.

Important tip: Do not sway your body while performing the boat pose.

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Edited by Jilin Cherian
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