6 Free Weight Exercises for Men to Gain Muscle

Guide to the best free weight exercises for strength and endurance (Photo via Unsplash/ Anastase Maragos)
Guide to the best free weight exercises for strength and endurance (Photo via Unsplash/ Anastase Maragos)

Free weight exercises are a great way of adding variations to your workout routine.

Not only do they enable you to focus on every part of the muscle group, but they also ensure you do not hit a plateau from using the same movements over and over again.

All fitness establishments have free weights, so you should incorporate free weight exercises in your workout routine along with resistance machine exercises.

Free Weight Exercises for Strength and Endurance

Here are six free weight exercises men should try during their workout sessions to work out every muscle group:

1) Dumbbell Bench Press

It’s widely known that pectoral muscles are an important muscle group for men. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that you focus on your chest using variations.

The dumbbell bench press is the same motion as the barbell bench press. However, as you have one dumbbell in each hand, it allows you to work both sides of the chest equally.

It’s a great exercise to build your chest, fix any muscle imbalance, and ensure you’re developing each side equally.


2) Bent-over Barbell Row

Another freeweight exercise for developing muscles is the bent-over dumbbell row.

First, it’s a compound movement that focuses on your lats, biceps, and rear delts. Second, this exercise allows you to activate all your back muscles, and engage them to work against the resistance.

Third, the bent-over row is one of the top picks for anyone who wants to have a wide back.


3) Skullcrusher

You can’t have a muscular yet lean physique if you don't work on your arms. Skullcrushers are one of the toughest tricep exercises but one of the most effective ones.

You can do skullcrushers using a pair of dumbbells, but they're usually done using the EZ-bar and weight plates.

If you want to work on your triceps with one voluminous movement, you should focus on doing skullcrushers.


4) Zottman Curl

Zottman curls are a free weight exercise that focus on making your biceps bigger and forearms thicker.

This workout requires you to use your forearms to rotate the dumbbell and biceps to lift the dumbbells.

When you do this exercise, you do bicep curls using a supinated grip. At the top of the curl, use your forearms to rotate the dumbbell so that you’ve acquired a pronated grip, and lower the dumbbell.

It’s important to keep in mind that you use your forearms to rotate the dumbbell and not your wrists.


5) Around the World

A great option from free weight exercises for your shoulders is the 'around the world'. This exercise requires you to lift the dumbbell from your sides, and rotate your shoulders to take it all the way overhead. Your arms should be extended throughout the entire motion.

You should begin this exercise with a light weight to understand how muscle engagement works. In fact, it’s better to do higher reps with a lighter weight for this exercise.


6) Dumbbell Deadlift

Deadlifts are a great exercise for your lower body. They help with building strength and muscle endurance.

You must add deadlifts to your workout routine and try to increase the weight as you become stronger.


You can do deadlifts using dumbbells or barbells. It’s better to begin with dumbbells, and understand the complete form before moving to barbells.

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