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6 Effective Shoulder Stretches To Instantly Fix Tight Shoulders & Relieve Tension

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Shoulder pain can stay for a few days and that can decrease your efficiency at work or elsewhere. You might feel irritated and we all know that feeling is not good. We also know that giving complex exercises to help you with this issue will prove to be slightly difficult due to lack of patience and endurance.

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Toronto Blue Jays stretching his shoulders

So we have a few stretches listed out for you. These are easy and quick shoulder workout tips that will help you notice the relief almost instantly. These are not exercises that will help you build muscles. These are done to reduce pain and stiffness as well as activate muscles in the area. So if you are looking for hardcore exercises, this is not where you should be.

The stretches that we mention here are:

1. Wall Stretch

2. Door Lean

3. Shoulder Flexion Stretch

4. Arm Circles

5. Prone Cactus Arms

6. Arms Behind Your Back


Do these stretches every day as they can be done on the go. They are not high-powered exercises so there can be no excuses. Also, you need not do them only in case your shoulder is giving you a tough time. Doing them, in general, can keep such an inconvenience away. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Stretch #1

Wall Stretch


Step 1: Stand close to a wall and face it. You have to maintain a one-arm distance from the wall such that your fingers are in contact with the side.

Step 2: Slowly, let your fingers climb up while you lean forward to decrease the distance between your upper body and the wall.

Step 3: Continue to the point where your hand is extended upwards and you are as close to the wall as possible.

Step 4: Slowly come back to the initial position and repeat.

Important Tip: Do around 1 minute for each hand. You can choose to do both arms together by facing the wall too.

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