6 Total-Body Superset Exercises for Men

Supersets help you boost your gains and reach your fitness goals. (Image via Unsplash / Gordon Cowie)
Supersets help you boost your gains and reach your fitness goals. (Image via Unsplash / Gordon Cowie)
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Training is a lot more fun when you mix supersets into your workouts. You'll get the same results as you would from doing multiple sets of each exercise, but you can complete more and varied exercises within the time, making the sessions fun and challenging. This means there's more work for your muscles and less rest time between sets.

Effective Total-Body Supersets You Can Do Today

If you’re looking to bust out some muscle and shed some fat, check out these six total-body superset exercises for men. You can use these exercises as a way to boost your gains and achieve your all-important fitness goals.

1. Dumbbell Tricep Incline Extension + Dumbbell Spider Curl

This superset combo works the triceps—the back of the arm—more than any other because you’re stretching them in the extension, then immediately working them in the inversion position. You don’t even have to change weights!


The Dumbbell Spider Curl is a great exercise because it provides peak tension in the contracted position of the biceps, which we don’t get with traditional curls. This is great for muscle growth. If you've not done this exercise before, you'll notice extensive stretching and feel the difference from other exercises.

2. Straight Arm Pushdown + Face Pull

The Straight-Arm Pushdown gives you a chance to work on your lats and increase your scapular strength at the same time. That's important because it helps you master proper form on some of the bigger lifts, like deadlifts and levers.


Perform a Straight Arm Pushdown, and then immediately change the position of your hands on the rope attachment and move right into a Face Pull. The Face Pull is an incredible exercise for building muscle in the upper back and rear delts. This is one of the best sets of exercises for these often-overlooked muscles, which some people don't work on as much as they should.

3. Dumbbell L Raise + Overhead Press

Dumbbell ‘L’ Raises work on both the front and middle delts. Use the same weight for a Dumbbell Overhead Press, which normally feels challenging on its own. After you reach a failure on the Dumbbell ‘L’ Raises, that "light" weight will feel very heavy when you get to the Dumbbell Overhead Press.


If you do an exercise that uses a different muscle group from the one you normally work, then to get good results you need to come back to the muscle repeatedly until your body gets used to the stimulus.

4. Pancake + Dievbomber Push-Up

The Pancake Pushup places the triceps at a mechanical disadvantage, making it a harder exercise. Instead of stopping there, we can change the position of our body to allow for a bit more help for the triceps when they’re most fatigued.


The Divebomber Push-Up is harder than a regular pancake pushup because the triceps are at a mechanical disadvantage. To get more reps done, we should change the position of our body to allow for more help from our triceps at the point when they’re most fatigued, so we can do more push-ups.

5. Depth Jump + Deadlift

In the Depth Jump, you want to stand on a bench close to the bar that you're going to deadlift. The goal is twofold: First, you want to create a neurological excitation of your legs. Next, you want to lower into that stretch reflex, and then explode up out of it—hop as high as you can in your jump.


When you approach the bar to do your set of squats, if you remember to hinge at the hips and drop into a squat position before picking up the weight, your legs will feel much more explosive. When your legs feel more explosive, it is easier to pick up that bar!

6. Squats + Hanging Bar Scalp

When we squat, we subject our spine to compression. We can reduce this pressure by hanging from a pullup bar between sets. The Hanging Scap Pull reinforces the decompression that happens when we let go of the pull-up bar after hanging for a few seconds. It’s more beneficial to perform this exercise between sets than just standing around!


By hanging your legs off the edge of a bench when you rest between sets, you'll feel your spine elongating and your muscles decompressing. This state of elongation and decompression will prepare you for the next set of squats.


Supersets are a valuable tool that can be used to your advantage when training. As with any form of exercise, they should only be done when appropriate, and paired with the correct exercises.

The biggest benefits of supersets are their ability to improve strength, give your muscles a better workout, and save you time by cutting out the rest periods in between sets. If you're looking for an effective way to boost your training regiment, then supersets might be just what you need.

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