7 Best Tricep Exercises for Women to Get Stronger Triceps

Best tricep exercises for women to become stronger. (Image via Pexels/Photo by RODNAE Productions)
Best tricep exercises for women to become stronger. (Image via Pexels/Photo by RODNAE Productions)

It can be beneficial to know the best tricep exercises for women, which can help develop muscle and improve strength.

The triceps make up most of the upper arm, which means it’s important to have proper definition in those muscles. It’s made up of three heads - lateral, long and medial.

You need to work on all three heads to develop these muscles properly and bring about the horseshoe shape.

Best Tricep Exercises for Women

The following list has seven exercises that focuses on all three tricep heads, enabling you to work on them during your push days, arm days or tricep days:

1) Tricep Extension (single hand/double hand)

This is one of the most common tricep exercises. You need to hold the dumbbell overhead, and bring it down in a controlled motion.

Whether you do it with both hands or one, you need to stretch the tricep muscles as far down as possible before returning to the starting position. This exercise focuses on the muscles at their extremely lengthened position, which is why the stretch is important.


2) Tricep Push Down

This exercise focuses on almost all three heads to varying extents. You should try to do it with various grip,s such as straight bars, ropes, v-bars, etc. That will allow you to work on the muscles from various angles.

Moreover, try to keep your elbow and upper body as stable as possible. In fact, engage your core if you want to attain more stability.


3) Tricep Kickbacks

One of the best tricep exercises for isolation is kickbacks. You can do them single-handed or double-handed, and it focuses on the overall muscles.

Ideally, you should do it with a light weight and focus on intensity over volume during kickbacks. It can activate the smaller muscles and improve your strength.


4) Skullcrusher

If you’re looking to add mass while building strength, skullcrushers are the way to go about it. You can do this exercise with dumbbells, but it’s better to do it with the EZ bar.

You must start with a light weight, as this exercise requires you to take the bar towards your forehead and bring it back up. That can reduce the risk of any injury if you lose control when handling the weights.


5) Close Grip Bench Press

If you’re looking for the best tricep exercises among compound movements, this is the one for strength and muscle endurance.

When you’re doing the Close Grip Bench Press, do not flare your elbows, or allow the pressure to go to your chest. You must maintain a strong muscle-mind connection when doing this exercise.


6) Close Grip Push-up

No doubt bodyweight workouts are some of the best muscle builders. Therefore, even for triceps, one of the best tricep exercises for strength and muscle endurance is bodyweight exercise, like the close grip push-up.

For a close-grip push-up, you should try to keep your palms in a diamond shape. However, if you have never done this exercise before, you can begin with a close grip to understand the position and flow before moving to an advanced grip.

7) Tricep Dips

Another great bodyweight movement to improve strength in your tricep is dips. You can do this exercise using a bench or a machine. It's best to begin with a bench while your feet is on the ground before moving to the advanced version of the dip tower.


Implementing the above mentioned exercises in your routine can enable your muscles to grow and also improve your strength. Moreover, it’ll help burn extra calories due to the additional resistance.

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