7 Day Proven Vegetarian Diet Plan To Lose Belly Fat

Malavika Kanoria

A lot of people go wrong when it comes to losing weight and getting a flat belly. Do you know how? They believe in one of the two things: first, diet has no role to play in weight loss and rigorous workout is ultimate when it comes to getting a flat belly and second, not eating anything is the mantra to lose weight and starvation can help you get a beach body.

These two are extreme points of view and both are as wrong as they can be. In layman’s term, diet makes up 70% of your weight loss plan whereas exercising makes up the other 30%. Hence, not eating at all is as wrong as eating anything and everything.

There needs to be a perfect balance between what you eat throughout the day and how you plan to burn it down. So here we are, giving you a 7-days proven vegetarian diet plan that will help you lose belly fat. We do not mean to say that you will lose weight within 7 days. What we mean is that this is a 7-days vegetarian food routine that needs to be followed in cycles. Give it at least a month to work on you and trust us, you will not be disappointed.

Diet Tips

Some diet tips to keep in mind before we get into it:

1. Increase protein intake.

2. Reduce the amount of carbohydrate you stuff in your body. Some amount of carbs is still fine, but junk food is not a good source for it.

3. Drink lots of water. Keeping yourself hydrated is the best you can do to increase your metabolism and remove toxins from your body.

4. Increase fiber intake.

5. Avoid binge eating by all means. Being sad or happy should be taken as an excuse to eat a whole apple and not a whole carton of your favorite mint chocolate chip ice cream.

6. Avoid artificial sugar.

7. The most important point is that this plan will not work out in isolation. Working out is extremely crucial. Take the stairs whenever possible, walk short distances and help yourself in trivial chores. Increase your physical activity.

There are some food items you must avoid and then there are some that you must include. Carrot, broccoli, cucumber, tomato, sweet potato, apple, watermelon, banana, muskmelon, mushroom, lentils, beans and nuts must be added to your vegetarian diet while food items like grapes, pineapple, cashew nuts, canola oil must be avoided.

Close-up of walnuts and eggs with butter
Close-up of walnuts and eggs with butter

The meal plan has been formulated for you. It is to be noted that you have been given vegetarian food options for each meal. You can mix and match meals according to your convenience.

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Early morning:

This is applicable if you wake up way before breakfast time. Just have a few nuts of your choice. Do not exceed 5-6 pieces.

Dining Review - Nazca Mochica
Dining Review - Nazca Mochica


1. 2 slices of brown bread sandwich, without any added spreads, and a banana.

2. A bowl of cereal or oats along with a glass of fresh fruit juice.

3. Quinoa salad and a glass of carrot and cucumber juice.


1. A whole fruit or vegetable. Choose between apple, banana, kiwi, orange, watermelon, cucumber, carrot or pear.

2. A salad made out of cucumber, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

3. 4-5 whole wheat crackers.

What to do with chickpeas left over from your aquafaba experiments
What to do with chickpeas left over from your Aquafina experiments


1. Small bowl of brown rice with a bowl of vegetable curry and a salad of your choice without heavy dressings.

2. Quinoa salad with hummus.

3. 1 bowl of poha along with 1 roti, a bowl of dal and a small bowl of salad.

4. 1 small bowl of khichdi and raita.

5. 1 bowl of rice, rajma and a small bowl of raita.

6. A bowl of chickpea salad made out of chickpeas, parsley, olive oil, broccoli, carrot, onion, vinegar, salt and pepper.

Evening snacks:

1. A glass of green tea and a bowl of sprouts.

2. A glass of green tea and a small bowl of boiled corn.

3. A glass of green tea and 1 khakra.

4. A cup of fat free yogurt.

Spiced Carrot, Leek and Lentil Soup
Spiced Carrot, Leek Lentil Soup


1. 1 roti with a small bowl of curry of your choice and a bowl of salad.

2. 1 glass of lentil soup and some sautéed vegetables.

3. A glass of tomato soup with light paneer tikka.

4. A glass of soup, with a bowl of sprout salad, dal and 1 roti.

5. 1 whole-wheat pita bread and a quarter bowl of hummus.

The Great Yorkshire Show Opens To The Public
The Great Yorkshire Show Opens To The Public

Before bedtime:

If your dinner and bedtime have a huge time gap, please drink a glass of milk before you hit your bed. Do not binge on biscuit, ice cream or an extra slice of pizza. In case you do not want a glass of milk, have a few nuts.

These are some options you can mix and match to make a good vegetarian diet chart. Keep yourself involved and invent new recipes. We are sure you will see the results soon!

Edited by Mayank Vora


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