Ageless Queen Gabrielle Union Shares Her Daily Diet and Exercise Routine

Gabrielle Union likes to perform series of home-based workouts and customised exercise routine. (Image via Instagram @gabunion)
Gabrielle Union likes to perform series of home-based workouts and customized exercise routine. (Image via Instagram @gabunion)

Gabrielle Union is killing it at 49. The actress stars alongside Jessica Alba in L.A.'s Finest and has juggled her career, family, and fitness as a pro for years now.

So just how did she manage to keep it all together? She makes self-care a priority by maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen as well as setting aside quality time for herself and her family.

As a dedicated fitness buff, Union does not use a fitness trainer or attend group classes. Instead, she relies on a series of home-based workouts and personalized exercise routines to whip herself into shape.

Gabrielle Union's Workout Routine

Union shares her workout videos with her 13.4 million Instagram followers. Her workouts comprise an array of full body compound exercises that challenge multiple muscles simultaneously.

Although she works out early in the morning before her busy filming schedule starts, what gets her going is a cup of coffee and a dislike of making people wait for her.

Gabrielle Union says she works out for 15 to 20 minutes each day, doing cardio and a combination of strength training and Pilates. She particularly likes these workouts, as they help her feel more awake in the morning, even though she's not a morning person.

She does interval training, which she says is the best thing for the heart. It's also useful in either kicking off or maintaining weight loss. Her go-to routine is jogging at level five for a minute, dropping down to three to bring her heart rate back down, and then going up to 5.2. She drops it back down and goes back up to 5.5.

Gabrielle Union's Diet

Union calls her diet a 'whatever' approach, but she sticks to a healthy eating plan during the week when she's filming her show. She eats good fats and maintains a gluten-free, dairy-free, and low-sodium diet. The actress first started eating this way in early 2018 while dealing with IVF side effects, including intense bloating.

Alisa Vitti, a functional nutritionist and women's hormone expert, helped Union get back on track. After Union cut out gluten, dairy, alcohol, and caffeine, she noticed an improvement in her skin and hair.

The actress told Everyday Health that a "beet, carrot, and kale press juice probably every other day" is on her radar.

The star also admitted to Women's Health that she won't be giving up alcohol again. Union believes that every so often you should indulge in something delicious. She told Fitness Magazine that her favorite cheat meals include garlic Parmesan fries, chicken wings, cupcakes, and cookies.

Union told Fitness Magazine that she drinks a gallon of water every day. She usually drinks tap water but sometimes adds lemon for flavor,

"I just try to get in as much water as possible," she said.


Gabrielle Union's routine of maintaining her ageless beauty is the complete package.

That's evident in her ability to balance family and career while getting enough sleep, working out, and maintaining an active lifestyle. Union has shown that it's possible for women of any age to maintain a healthy glow.

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