6 Best Arm Exercises for Men with Weak Arms

Try exercises targeted for arm strength. (Photo by Gordon Cowie on Unsplash)
Try exercises targeted for arm strength. (Photo by Gordon Cowie on Unsplash)

To build strength, you must use various arm exercises in moderation to allow the muscles to engage from various angles.

If your arms aren't able to support heavy resistance, then you should include some exercises geared toward boosting muscle endurance. Additionally, incorporating compound movements as well as isolation movements also enhances strength.

Compound movements focus on more than one muscle group, and tremendous resistance can be borne by the muscle groups. On the other hand, isolation exercises will help you focus on the intensity for each muscle group.

6 Arm Exercises to Boost Strength and Endurance

Here are six arm exercises that you should include in your workout routine to develop your arm strength while improving your physical fitness.

1. Bench Press

The bench press usually focuses on the pectoral muscles as the primary group. Your triceps and shoulders are also engaged to provide support and balance. Without their support, the chest wouldn’t be able to lift as much as it does.


Therefore, being the secondary muscle group, the triceps and shoulders are activated, even with smaller muscles and fibers. This helps with boosting resistance power in the muscle group, helping the fibers become thicker and stronger.

2. Dumbbell Row

Similarly, you can strengthen your biceps by focusing on compound movements where the biceps are the secondary muscle group. When a muscle group assists another bigger group, it helps with pushing during the final few reps, which is when the exercise becomes intense.

In those few reps, the smaller muscles get activated, leading to a boost in muscle endurance.


When you add isolation exercises to the routine, you’re able to work on a muscle group from all angles with varying levels of intensity.

3. Triceps Pushdown

Coming to isolation exercises, triceps make up the bigger part of your upper arms. It’s crucial to do arm exercises that involve triceps. Triceps have three muscle heads, and you have to work on all of them. One of the most common triceps exercises are pushdowns, which are highly effective.

You can do pushdowns on straight bars, ropes, v-bars, or anything else that suits you. Ideally, you should begin with a light weight but higher reps to pump the muscles and get the blood flowing.

As you become stronger, you should move to heavier weights, but the intensity should remain constant.

4. Triceps Kickbacks

Kickbacks allow you to work on your Triceps muscles unilaterally, that is, one arm at a time. When you work on muscles one at a time, it helps in overcoming any strength or muscle imbalance. It’s important to ensure both arms are equally worked with similar resistance so that neither is overstretched.

5. Shoulder Press

Shoulders play an important role in all arm exercises and other compound movements. Therefore, if you’re thinking of strengthening your arms, you can’t do without focusing on your shoulders.


Shoulder press engages your lateral and anterior deltoids, but it does activate the smaller muscles surrounding the muscle group. Moreover, you can do shoulder presses using barbells, kettlebells, or even dumbbells as per your requirements and abilities.

6. EZ-Bar Bicep Curls

All arm exercises should include bicep exercises. The bicep peak is an important part of the overall physique and bicep strength helps with several bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups, chin-ups, muscle-ups, and others.

The EZ-bar curl is effective by focusing on both the bicep heads, depending on where you hold the bar, and the EZ-bar has various grip options as opposed to a straight bar.

You can do close-grip curls and wide-grip curls on both bars, but the grips differ for the EZ-bar and the straight bar.

Bottom Line

Arm exercises strengthen the upper arm and shoulders to build the endurance for more intense exercises and enable a wide range of functional arm movements so that your overall flexibility is in good condition.

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