Chest Workout Day - 5 Chest Exercises You Must Do 

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The chest is composed of two main muscles - the pectoral major and the pectoral minor. These muscles are responsible for a host of upper body movements including pitching and sidearm movement.

The most important thing is to perform a proper warmup before any high-intensity training program to flex your muscles. Additionally, ensure variety in your workout program to target all the three different regions of the pectoral muscles and avoid any muscle imbalances. This could be achieved by doing different exercises or by performing the same exercise at different inclination angles.

Beginners and amateurs should focus on higher rep count over larger weights while experienced trainers could build their chest with a medium rep count. However, always ensure that you work with a spotter while lifting heavy weights.

Let us look closer at the five exercises that you should add to your chest workout day to build a chiseled chest.

#1 Dumbbell Fly

The dumbbell fly not only targets the pectoral major but also activates the deltoids, biceps and the triceps for an inclusive upper body workout.


Step 1: Grab dumbbells in both the hands and lie on a bench in a supine position. Position the weights above the chest with fully extended arms. The palms should be facing each other during the entire duration of the exercise.

Step 2: Move your arms in an arc to the sides until the weights are almost in line with the chest. Ensure that you feel a stretch in your chest in this position.

Step 3: Pause for a moment and return to the initial position.

Perform the exercise for the recommended number of repetitions.

Important tips: Do not make any excessive elbow movements and try to keep a constant form throughout the duration of the exercise. Do not use momentum to lower the weights as it could lead to a serious injury.

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