Chest Workout Tips

Last Modified Sep 11, 2018 10:28 GMT

Over the years, gravity has proved its mettle and won always as muscles sag after a certain age in life and lose their tone. It’s inevitable that time will take its toll; so until we have the situation under control and can defy gravity by being fit, we must go for a better physique. And in the journey of attaining an attractive physical personality, a well-toned chest acts as a trustworthy companion.

Building a decorated chest is neither a new trend nor a recent buzz, it is something which has gained popularity over a wide span of time. Arnold Schwarzenegger- the admired Hollywood star, WWE wrestlers like ‘The Rock’ and ‘Bobby Lashley’, and our very own He-man, Dara Singh, are the people who had set a high benchmark in this field and there have been appreciable updates to their legacy each and every day.

So if you are looking forward to stop overlooking and start learning more about this stuff, just stay here as Sportskeeda have already made your work simpler and we have compiled the best, and brought to you the complete range of information about the chest and its anatomy.

Besides giving a hell of an attractive look, there are many other benefits of toning your chest, including better posture, more strength in the neck, chest, and back areas, lowering the chances of diabetes, cancer, and what not.

So basically chest is made up of 3 main muscles, pectoralis major, pectoralis minor and serratus anterior. We will now discuss about each of them in particular.

Pectoralis Major: As the name suggests, it makes up the majority of the chest muscle mass. Also known as the ‘hugging muscle’, it originates at your clavicle, ribs, and sternum, and flows into the upper portion of your humerus. It is the most superficial muscle in the pectoral region with the main function of bringing the arms together in front of the rib cage. In technical words, pectoralis major adducts, flexes, and internally rotates the arm. Thus it helps in moving the arm forward and across the chest for the workouts like bench press or dumbbell fly.

Pectoralis Minor: This muscles is not visible as such but it’s importance lies in acting as a base for its larger counterpart muscle, pectoralis major. It is also an upper chest muscle that originates on the third, fourth, or fifth ribs (depending on the man’s built), and fixes on the coracoid process of the scapula. The main function of this pec is to stabilise the scapula by drawing it anteroinferiorly against the thoracic wall, or in simpler terms it plays an important role in breathing.

Serratus Anterior: The serratus anterior is located more laterally in the chest wall, and forms the medial border of the axilla region. It plays an important role in moving the scapula forward and allowing them to be raised over 90 degrees, but due to the lack of correct knowledge, this muscle is sometimes ignored in the process of chest development by the beginners.

So by giving enthusiasm of building an attractive set of pecs to you, we finish this article. Stay to sportskeeda for more informations about various chest workouts.