Chris Bumstead’s Shoulder Workout for Massive Pumps

(Image via Instagram/Chris Bumstead)
Chris Bumstead shoulder workout (Image via Instagram/Chris Bumstead)

Chris Bumstead, who goes by the nickname of 'CBum' is a popular Canadian IFBB professional bodybuilder who has built quite an online presence with his content on bodybuilding and lifestyle. He's one of the reigning champions of the Men’s Classic Physique.

This 27-year old three-time winner of the Mr. Olympia Classic Physique has gained millions of fans on social media along with huge respect in the bodybuilding fraternity.

Thanks to his incredible physique, Bumstead is well-known and popular for his massive pumps, shredded abs, and bigger thighs. So, let’s look at the shoulder workout routine that helped Bumstead build his massive pumps.

Chris Bumstead’s Shoulder Workout

Chris Bumstead started with the smaller and cautious steps initially, as he lost quite a bit of weight after contracting Covid 19 and dealing with shoulder issues. However, he has started the season on a positive note, packing more muscle than ever and taking his physique to another level.

Bumstead is very active on social media and provides glimpses of his workout routine. At the start of the season, he has massive amounts of calories and does weight lifting exercises.

Bumstead starts his shoulder workout with warm-up exercises, such as a single arm rear delt cable fly. Performing this exercise helps him to lower shoulder pain and prepare for his other workouts.

Cable Lateral Raise

This exercise is a classic in Bumstead's shoulder workout routine, which keeps the delt in constant tension along with providing the full range of motion. The use of low weights in this exercise helps him build better muscle mass. He performs around three sets of cable lateral raises.

Seated Shoulder Press on Smith Machine

Chris Bumstead performs about two sets of seated shoulder routines, exercises that allow him to achieve gains.

This exercise helps him build massive pumps by keeping the extra stress on the deltoids. Seated shoulder pressing has helped the bodybuilder make good progress since his massive weight loss after contracting COVID-19.

Dumbbell Seated Shoulder Press

“I’m just like strong enough to hold the weight securely, and not shake because I’m actually used to it,” says Bumstead.

The dumbbell seated shoulder press is one of the most prominent exercises in the Chris Bumstead shoulder workout routine.

This exercise provides multiple benefits, including complete body stability, better balance, and improved coordination. Performing three sets of dumbbell seated shoulder presses helps Bumstead pack muscle mass and boost his strength.

Cable Rear Delt Fly

Bumstead incorporates two variations of the rear delt exercises, including the pec deck reverse flyes and cable rear delt flyes. This strength-focused movement helps him isolate the delt muscles and target them. The two sets of exercises helps Bumstead build good strength in his shoulders.

Machine Seated Shoulder Press

The machine seated shoulder press is one of the decent exercises Bumstead regularly incorporates in his workout routine.

This exercise acts both as a warm-up and shoulder exercise. Besides helping with physical benefits such as building muscle mass, increasing strength, and greater stability, the machine seated shoulder press also helps in building mental fortitude.


Regularly performing the aforementioned exercises in the shoulder workout routine has certainly been beneficial for Chris Bumstead. He says that seeing visible changes to his muscle mass and strength is heartening.

In addition to the workout routine, Bumstead also consumes a high protein diet before and after his workout routine, such as ground turkey. As mentioned above, Bumstead is slowly and cautiously taking progressive steps in his workout routine to push his limits as well as pack more muscles in his 6’ 1” frame.

The bodybuilder follows an intense shoulder workout routine along with a highly nutritious diet to build muscle and increase strength. If you want to build massive pumps like Bumstead, you should take inspiration from his workout routine.

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