Chris Hemsworth’s Naval Ship Workout Is The Perfect Way To Start Your Day

Here's Chris Hemsworth's no-equipment workout routine!

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth is no stranger to workouts that break a sweat. The Marvel Cinematic Universe star rose to fame playing the God of Thunder himself, Thor Odinson. As such, he immediately found himself under immense pressure from millions of Marvel fans across the globe to present a physique worthy of the gods.

He hasn't disappointed, that's for sure, and if anything, his physique seems to be aging like fine wine. The star is making rounds online for sharing a video on his Instagram handle which showcases him performing a no-equipment workout atop the platform of a naval ship. The ship was used on the set of the Tom Cruise film, Top Gun: Maverick.

Chris Hemsworth's No-Equipment Workout

Here's a breakdown of the exercises he included in his video:

  • Squats x5
  • Bear crawl 1x 5 meters
  • Sit thrus x10
  • Push up x10
  • Mountain climber x10 each side
  • Static lunge x5 each side
  • Ice skater lunge x5 each side

After completing the exercises in succession, you are permitted to rest for 60 seconds. Complete 10 rounds in total.

As part of Hemsworth's own Centrfit, this workout joins several others on his platform that aims to inspire individuals to make healthier choices and incorporate fitness into their daily lives. Hemsworth's Centrfit presents a promising outlook on fitness as this workout, amongst several others, requires no equipment. The Aussie native has informed fans of his plans to share more equipment-free workouts in the future.

The exercise is smart as it utilizes the fundamentals of HIIT to keep your heart racing and your blood flowing. Sure, it's minimal, but it works. Will it give you thunderous (no pun intended) biceps like Hemsworth? Nope. But will it keep you in shape? Yes. HIIT has several benefits, including better cardiovascular health, weight loss, and many more.

Hemsworth is one of those rare few Hollywood stars who stays in shape around the clock. Usually, actors are often bulking up and cutting down for roles. However, the 38-year-old seems to be doing a great job at staying consistently massive. It goes to show that his love for fitness extends beyond the screen as he does it for himself and not so much for the paycheck.


Chris Hemsworth's Centrfit is a promising new take on fitness in the digital age. The no-equipment approach to exercise offers an alternative solution to a post-pandemic era wherein going to the gym isn't everyone's cup of tea. Fitness advice can be welcoming, especially when it's coming from the God of Thunder himself.

Again, these exercises won't beef you up like the actor, nor will they make your muscles pop. However, they are a great alternative to the monotonous cardio workouts in the gym.

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