What Is Gigi Hadid’s Diet and Workout Routine That Helps Her Maintain Her Supermodel Abs?

To get supermodel abs and a lean body like Gigi Hadid, follow this diet and workout routine. (Image via Instagram/Gigi Hadid)
To get supermodel abs and a lean body like Gigi Hadid, follow this diet and workout routine. (Image via Instagram/Gigi Hadid)

At 27, Gigi Hadid is a world-renowned television personality and an American supermodel. She started her career at the age of two and has appeared in various high fashion campaigns such as Vogue. Hadid is a brand ambassador for Reebok and Maybelline.

Hadid has maintained a healthy and beautiful body by sticking to a strict diet and workout routine. Her diet and workout routine has helped her maintain a lean figure and those supermodel abs.

Her workouts consist of boxing, lower body circuit, and abs strengthening under the direction of trainer Rob Piela. While her diet involves whole foods and clean eating with occasional cheat meals.

Gigi Hadid's Workout Routine

Gigi Hadid has always made fitness her priority. She is committed to her workout regime even while traveling. Her workout is focused on full-body cardio along with the toning of the four body parts: arms, legs, butt, and core.

Boxing forms the basis of Hadid's gym training and helps in a full-body workout. It is also a cardio exercise that tones your body without making it bulky.

A combination of actual muscle definition and low-fat percentage of the body is necessary for defining supermodel abs, just like Hadid. For this, Hadid burns calories through boxing and then trains her core muscles to maintain those supermodel abs. According to Piela, it usually includes leg raises, planks, and crunches. The combination of these three moves targets the deeper core muscles, abdominal muscles, and chiseled six-packs. She repeats each of these abs strengthening moves about 40 times.

Gigi also worked her lower body to preserve her toned hips and long, lean legs. Her HIIT includes strength training and cardio moves such as running and jumping rope. Additionally, Gigi focuses on donkey kicks and many squat variations to keep a toned butt.

To make this workout regime more effective, Gigi Hadid continuously switches from boxing training to cardio moves to abs exercises without taking any breaks. Only after completing seven to eight moves continuously does she take a break. The concentrated amalgamation of these moves is most efficient in burning a high number of calories.

According to Rob Piela, consistency in workouts is crucial for getting a lean body and supermodel abs like Gigi Hadid. She keeps up with this strenuous workout week after week without flops for those Insta-famous abs.

Gigi Hadid's Diet

Gigi Hadid's workout regime and diet tend to have a complementary relationship. She maintains her supermodel abs with a strenuous workout routine, eating a balanced diet, and avoiding sugar.

With the encouragement of her trainer, Hadid does not stick to the extreme and specific diet routine; she instead focuses on a well-rounded diet of organic and whole foods. She also enjoys having burgers and fries now and then.


Hadid's go-to breakfast at home involves scrambled eggs and toast coupled with coffee or oranges. Eggs and toast are excellent sources of protein and fiber, respectively, while coffee and orange juice are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. She considers herself a protein fanatic and ensures to consume a good amount of protein in her everyday diet.


Hadid's go-to lunch is Arugula salad because it is her all-time favorite meal. She fills this salad with loads of veggies and protein to maintain those chiseled supermodel abs. Gigi often tries to eat home-cooked meals and includes lots of smoothies in her diet.


Hadid's preferred snacks include guacamole, carrots, hummus, and Acai bowls. She enjoys grasshopper pie ice cream and gets its pint delivered to the apartment occasionally.


When out for dinner, Hadid enjoys sushi coupled with a healthy drink.

Gigi Hadid's diet can be considered a perfect mixture of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. She maintains a healthy relationship with food and occasionally indulges in cravings. According to Gigi, one should include the food according to the diet they like to make it sustainable for a long time. You can explore healthy recipes or alternatives to your food to make it to your liking. She added that intermittent cheat meals are also suitable for mental health.

Bottom Line

Gigi Hadid understands the importance of a healthy lifestyle and makes a point to maintain her exercise routine and eat right. This has enabled her to keep toned arms and legs along with those supermodel abs.

She does not restrict her diet; instead, she enjoys her favorite foods, such as burgers and desserts. But Hadid balances out these indulgences with extra exercise and a well-rounded diet.

Keeping up with Gigi Hadid's strenuous workout routine and diet requires plenty of inspiration and motivation. Only with consistency and motivation will you be able to gain and maintain those supermodel abs.

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