6 Best Barbell Exercises for Women

Exercises For Women Using Barbells (Image via Unsplash)
Exercises For Women Using Barbells (Image via Unsplash)

An efficient barbell workout regime will help women look toned and taut. Don't worry; you will not look bulky after the barbell exercises; instead, you will look fit. Barbell exercises can tone your entire body, including the core, lower body, and upper body. Barbells might look massive and bulky to a few people, but they are extremely suitable tools to help attain fitness goals.

There are a few pointers that women should adopt before starting with barbell exercises. They are:

  • People should always focus on quality for barbell exercises rather than quantity.
  • You should not lift too heavy or too light.
  • The appropriate technique should be undertaken for barbell exercises to avoid the risk of injuries.

Now, let's look at some barbell exercises that women can do.

Barbell Exercises for Women

1) Barbell Deadlift

The most conventional barbell exercise can be identified as the deadlift. It is one of the few exercises that target the maximum of muscles in your body, including but not limited to quads, hamstrings, calves, lower back, arms, and hamstrings. Besides tightening your body, a deadlift will also help burn fat and boost endurance. It all depends on the stance and variation you decide to work on.

Tip: Women should keep their backs straight for this barbell exercise to maintain appropriate posture.


2) Barbell Squat

The barbell squat can be considered a dynamic training barbell exercise essential for women as it will help build strength in the lower and upper body. Your entire body will be used in this barbell exercise, particularly your quads and glutes. It will also help in powering through daily tasks (such as walking) and performing athletic activities. Furthermore, barbell squats will help you in enhancing your full-body movements.


Even if you have limited time in the gym, you should include this barbell exercise in your workout regime.

3) Barbell Overhead Press

The barbell overhead press can be done in both sitting and standing positions. You must ensure a rigid posture while doing this workout. This barbell exercise will also provide many benefits, including strengthening the core muscles and improving the performance of the other exercises. Like the barbell squat, the overhead press will also help women improve day-to-day mobility and tasks.


If you are bored of doing the same barbell exercise every day, then there are also different variations in barbell overhead press that you can do.

4) Upright Barbell Row

The upright barbell row mainly focuses on strengthening the posterior chain and shoulders. It essentially helps the women in toning their shoulders and upper arms. The upright barbell row will help in doing the barbell squats and deadlifts. Also, an upright barbell row can be quite an effective exercise for women working in offices with long sitting hours.

Women should ensure proper precautions and techniques while doing upright barbell row as it has caused quite a few injuries. The correct form is fundamental for doing any barbell exercise.


5) Standing Barbell Curl

Women can benefit from standing barbell curls in aspects of both power and strength. It will help women strengthen their biceps. Barbell curls will help you build grip strength, which will positively impact pulling strength. It will also help prevent injuries to the elbows and arms by strengthening resilient biceps, as weak biceps are more prone to muscle tear, strain, and grip issues. Lastly, barbell curls can also be considered an effective exercise for weight loss. This barbell exercise will help burn extra calories and attain the optimum weight level.


6) Barbell Bench Press

The barbell bench press will help women strengthen their upper body, particularly chest muscles. Aside from chest muscles, this exercise targets the biceps, upper back, and shoulders. The primary benefit of this exercise is building upper body strength. It is considered that there is no exercise superior to the barbell bench press for increasing the upper body strength. This barbell exercise will help women prepare for exercises such as pushups and increase muscular endurance. The bench press will also help in increasing bone density.

Depending upon the end goal, some variations focus on somewhat different muscles in this barbell exercise.



Inculcating the barbell exercise program will greatly benefit women in toning and strengthening their bodies in many different ways. The barbell exercises alone can target the whole body, including the lower body, upper body, and core. It will not only help women in toning their bodies but also retain stability and posture. Furthermore, the barbell exercises will help you improve your body posture and carry out everyday tasks.

Thus, barbells are dynamic training equipment that can be used and modified for women according to their fitness goals. Do not shy away from using barbells in your training regime, as you will be missing quite an interesting experience.

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