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5 Effective Hamstring Exercises You Should Do At Home For Stronger Legs

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Directly or indirectly, people end up working on their hamstrings at some point or the other. And why not. Strong and muscular legs are a bonus, any day! Working on your hamstrings not only creates a balanced look but also helps you prevent injuries by strengthening that part of your leg.

Hamstring Exercise using Kettlebell
Hamstring Exercise using Kettlebell

Yes, we know, a lot of you genuinely run away from leg day workout. You wake up in the morning dreading the fact that you have to work so hard for those perfect legs. But is it really true that leg, or hamstring exercises, are that annoying? No! We make it really easy for you.

Just follow these leg workout tips we have made for you and you will see the difference. This routine has exercises for beginners as well as pros but is super effective for your hamstrings.

The 5 hamstring exercises included in the routine that can easily be done at home are:

1.    Nordic Ham Curl

2.    Quadruped Leg curls

3.    Elevated Bridge March

4.    Single Leg Bridges

5.    Single Leg Pistol Squats

Exercise #1

Nordic Ham Curl


Step 1: Kneel on the ground.

Step 2: Wrap your feet around a pole or put them under your couch for some support.

Step 3: Keep your body straight.

Step 4: Slowly, bend your upper body towards the ground, maintaining a straight line from your head to knee. Use your body control to do so.

Step 5: Use your palm to support your body as it falls to the ground.

Step 6: Push your hand in to get back up to the initial position, all the while keeping your posture aligned.

Do this for a minute and a half.

Important Tips: The support from the couch will help you get a form of stability. The fall should be as slow as possible and squeeze your hamstring while you move towards the floor. 

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