6 Aerobic Exercises to Lose Love Handles

Best aerobic exercises to lose love handles. (Image via Unsplash/ Jonathan Borba)
Best aerobic exercises to lose love handles. (Image via Unsplash/ Jonathan Borba)

It can be quite challenging to lose love handles as typical abdominal exercises do not affect them as opposed to what people often assume. Love handles are the flabby parts or body fat above the obliques, which are a group of side core muscles.

To lose love handles, you have to work on the side core muscles specifically. Spot reduction is not possible, even though more than enough people believe it to be the case. You might be able to target your side core muscles for maximized toning and losing fat, but in the end, it is eventually a combination of exercises along with the right diet and cardio workout that helps in reducing body fat.

Here are the six best aerobic exercises that you can include in your workout routine to lose love handles.

Aerobic Exercises to Lose Love Handles

1) Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle crunches tend to be an excellent type of aerobic exercise to lose love handles as they help effectively lose them by targeting obliques. This exercise activates several muscle groups in the lower body, including deep abdominal muscles, transverse abdominis, and rectus abdominis. This, therefore, targets the muscles that are often neglected in regular workout sessions. Bicycle crunches also help tone the core region by torching a high number of calories.

Additionally, bicycle crunches are also good for toning thighs as they affect your quadriceps and hamstrings. Doing this exercise regularly will help with better posture along with better stability of the body.


2) Side Plank Hip Lifts

Side plank hip lifts tend to be one of the easiest aerobic exercises to lose love handles as they help in specifically working on the obliques. The movement involved in this exercise will particularly work on deep abdominal muscles to tighten and tone the waistline.

This exercise is an amalgamation of hip lifts and side planks that will work on building core strength. This will reduce lower back pain and improve the functionality of the body with enhanced balance, stability, and posture. Overall, the side plank hip lifts will enhance the physique by burning the overall fat from the body.


3) Abdominal Scissor Kicks

Abdominal scissor kicks are also among the most effective aerobic exercises which will help you lose love handles by specifically targeting flabby parts of the body including the waist, belly, thighs, and hips. It will strengthen the lower body and torch fat by elevating the heart rate.

Incorporating abdominal scissors kicks into the workout routine will enable you to get a fantastic toned lower body by sculpting your abs and shedding those extra pounds from the body. Furthermore, this exercise will also enhance muscle endurance which will help in performing more advanced exercises.


4) Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are among those aerobic exercises that provide numerous advantages for the overall health and fitness of the body. This high-intensity yet low-impact workout is a fantastic way to lose love handles as it will work on all the core muscles along with shoulders and legs. It will help in building cardio endurance by increasing the heart rate of the body and building agility.


5) Russian Twists

Russian twists are the core aerobic exercise that will help you lose love handles by targeting your shoulders and core muscles. The side-to-side movement of the exercise will help you lose excess flabby parts from your waistline. This exercise is also good for a stronger core and for losing excess weight from the body.

You can also incorporate a weighted Russian twist into your workout routine for added intensity and challenge. This will help you get faster results for losing fat.


6) Side Plank

Side plank exercises will help you lose love handles by toning both the external and internal obliques muscles. This exercise will simultaneously work on the muscles of your core, hips, and shoulders.

Further, the side plank exercise will help in strengthening the core muscles that are often neglected without putting too much strain on the lower back. Regularly doing this exercise will enhance the coordination and balance of the body.


Bottom Line

Spot reduction or targeting particular areas of fat in the body is not exactly possible, and to lose love handles, you will have to work on reducing the overall fat and weight of the body. The aforementioned aerobic exercises will help in losing love handles by burning a high number of calories and reducing the overall fat percentage of the body along with maximizing the toning of your obliques.

Pairing these exercises with some form of cardio workout and a balanced diet will help you achieve your fitness goals faster.

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