How To Lose Belly Fat For Men - 6 Simple Ways To Burn Belly Fat

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Accumulation of belly fat has far-reaching consequences apart from a poor physique. Excessive fat in the abdominal region has been linked to serious diseases such as obesity and diabetes, and it is imperative that one takes measures to cut down belly fat to improve the overall physique.

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Chin ups to burn fat

Time and again, it is shown that getting rid of belly fat could turn out to become a daunting task if proper lifestyle changes are not made in an adequate fashion. One could follow a host of steps to burn belly fat, which ranges from exercises to improved diet. Nevertheless, always remember to strike a balance between the two to get the desired results in a timely fashion.

Let us look closer at the six simple steps that could follow to reduce belly fat and get in shape.

#1 Perform HIIT and Cardio Workouts

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Breaks in between workouts

It has been proved time and time again that high-intensity interval training programs and the cardio workouts increase calorie-burn and accelerate weight loss. The explosive movements in the HIIT workouts target a host of stabilisation muscles along with the target muscle group, which goes a long way towards reducing weight along with belly fat. Mountain climbers, jump squats and box jumps are ideal exercises to reduce fat and strengthen the core.

Cardio workouts are also effective in improving the overall health and reduce the weight. However, unlike the HIIT training program, the cardio workouts must be performed longer durations to achieve the same calorie-burn. One could jog or cycle on a regular basis to achieve the desired results.

#2 Eat a High-Protein Diet

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High-protein food

Generally, a high-protein diet is advised to people who are on an intense training program to build muscle. However, recent studies have also shown that increasing the protein content in the diet goes a long way towards weight loss and especially reducing belly fat. It is argued that the protein present in the food enhances the feeling of fullness, which ultimately, reduces the total calories consumed by the individual.

One could extend this idea further and focus on consuming a low-carb diet to accelerate the reduction of belly fat. Nevertheless, one must always remember to not deprive the body of essential nutrients that are required for the proper functioning of the body.

#3 Ensure that you Get Proper Sleep

Several studies have shown that not getting enough sleep could lead to weight gain, with most of the fat being accumulated around the waistlines. However, one should remember that only quantity is not important and one should ensure on getting proper quality sleep. It is better to have six hours of sound sleep instead of having eight hours of disturbed sleep. Additionally, a proper sleep goes a long way towards improving the overall health of the body.

Avoiding caffeine after lunch and maintaining proper sleep schedules are effective measures in ensuring that you get the required amount of sleep.

#4 Focus on Lifting Weights

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Cardio workouts always take the lead when it comes to training programs for weight loss. However, lifting weights is also very effective in burning the belly fat.

Weight training does not achieve the same calorie burn as a cardio workout, but it builds the muscles, which in turn increases the overall burn-rate of calories. Studies have also shown that working out with weights on a regular basis could aid in reducing the accumulation of belly fat.

Beginners must take the help of a fitness professional and must focus on performing a balanced weight training program that focuses on slow progression.

#5 Reduce Sugars

Sugars contain tonnes of calories per serving, and one should focus on having diets that contain minimal quantities of added sugars. Having loads of sugars puts extra stress on the liver, which in turn, converts the sugars into fat that gets accumulated around the waistline. Furthermore, excessive sugars could lead to a host of metabolic problems, including insulin resistance.

However, do not confuse natural sugars from added sugars. Do not eliminate sources of natural sugars from your diet and take good amounts of fruits as the fibre present in these foods could alleviate the negative effects of sugars.

#6 Reduce Alcohol Intake

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Reduce alcohol intake

Alcohol provides almost twice the amount of calories per gram when compared to carbohydrates and protein, which ensures that one ingests more calories per serving when compared to other beverages. Additionally, few studies have even pointed out that alcohol increases appetite, which could ultimately lead to consumption of higher calories during a meal.

For best results, along with reducing the alcohol intake, take steps to change your lifestyle that includes good amounts of physical exercise.