Jennifer Garner Takes to Instagram to Show Off Her Impressive Box Jump Skills

Jennifer Garner flaunting her beauty. (Photo via Instagram/Jennifer.Garner)
Jennifer Garner flaunting her prowess (Photo via Instagram/Jennifer.Garner)

Jennifer Garner looks absolutely stunning even at 50. The '13 going on 30' star works incredibly hard to be healthy and fit.

She has been working with her personal trainer Beth Nicely for years and regularly shares a lot of BTS workout videos with fans.

Jennifer Garner's Impressive Box Jump Moves

Over the weekend, the actress shared a video of herself trying to leap from the floor onto a box 33 inches high, and she succeeded. Garner has shown how fit and strong she is, as she showcased her box jump skills. In the caption of the video, the actress said: "33” is very tall".

Garner is seen starting the workout with a quick dance before jumping on top of a plyo box that’s nearly three feet tall. She lands on her knees, and is heard saying, “that’s very tall”.

The actress then looks back at the camera with a laugh and shakes it off before trying again.

The 50-year-old doesn’t mess around when it comes to her workouts and makes her workout sessions interesting and motivating. With her fitness routine, she has shown that she's not just one of the top actresses but a legit fitness enthusiast too.

The star’s workout game isn't surprising, though, as she has been uploading a lot of her training videos on social media. Her strong body is proof of her consistency and dedication to the jump box exercise.

The video shows Garner jumping again onto the stacked boxes, nailing it successfully with a pose and standing proudly on top of the 33-inch box. In an interview with Shape, the actress’s trainer, Beth Nicely, said that it was Garner’s first time doing the 33-inch jump:

“That was her first time doing the 33-inch jump. There is a fear you have to get over (with box jumps), and it is just as much physical as mental work; it is pretty awesome seeing her go for it”.

Nicely describes Garner as someone who “likes to work really hard; she is very, very strong”. The trainer also calls Garner “a professional athlete in what she is capable of physically”.

During typical exercises, Garner and Nicely practice a variation of plyo box jumps, plank variations, and a series of strength training arm exercises.

Garner pushes her limits

Jennifer Garner constantly pushes herself and never misses a chance to showcase her fitness.

In another Instagram video, the actress is seen using various-sized boxes and a trampoline to work on her entire body. Her first workout involves jumping on 12- and 18-inch boxes to target her glutes and quads.

She then divides the boxes to put two 18-inch-tall boxes next to one another with a slightly narrow space between them. Garner continues to jump up to the side, down and middle, and up again before switching directions and performing the entire thing again.

Jennifer Garner's Workout and Diet

Garner has been working with Beth Nicely for a few years now. The actress’s workout routine largely includes a combination of ground plyometrics, dance cardio, high-intensity interval training and strength training.

In an interview, Nicely said:

“Jennifer is super strong, and I am always trying to find different ways to enhance her heart rate”.

Jennifer Garner undoubtedly has an amazing physique, for which the credit not only goes to her workout but to her diet as well. The actress is quite disciplined with her diet and makes it a point to eat healthy and clean whenever possible.

For breakfast, Garner usually likes to have a protein-rich smoothie, followed by a green salad lunch. In addition, she also consumes a lot of water and healthy liquids each day. According to Delish, Garner has been working with nutritionist Kelly LeVeque, who’s known for her “Be Well by Kelly Diet”, which Garner followed for her role in the movie 'Peppermint'.

Jennifer Garner is an Inspiration For Many

Jennifer Garner’s zest for life is simply amazing. She gives her 100% to whatever she wants to achieve, be it her fitness, diet, family, or professional career. She thrives at being a superb mom to her kids and inspires every woman with her positivity and love towards life.

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